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Evil Glowing Box

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City of Heroes

City of Heroes (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 27/APR/04
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....too late -_-;
But my contact said to bring him the evil glowing artifact of evil from the evil glowing box...
If Raider's of the Lost Ark taught you anything...
Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it'll never harm me! *opens the box and melts*
I left the game, canceled the account... oh well, I guess we'll open that box one last time for old times' sake ;)
Just looking at the chest makes me think of mimic.
It's not the Ark. This is the Nictus artifact which the Council uses to create Warwolves. Try not to get possessed.
If it were a mimic it wouldn't glow. It would try to look like a normal treasure chest. . . Unless it expected you to think that way thus it tried to make it's self look spiffier. . . amidoingitright?
If the only real chest the mimic had ever seen were the Evil Glowing Box, it might think that's what all chests look like.
Glowing or not if the environment has glowing chests we all know that a mimic would match the surrounding chests in that area. So if the chests glowed...
.....so if the chests glowed...it's time to find a non-radioactive gf!
@LordXenophon I see you beat me to it.

Although I don't like Mimics it's the Like Like from Zelda that I really hated. Stupid thing would always eat my shield.
The problem with mimics is that too many of them immitate wooden chests. They're capable of immitating all sorts of things. If the DM would just be more creative, either the mimics would surprise more people or the adventurers would blast a lot more treasure just because it could be a mimic.
@stashnet ...hmm if her chest glowed? I might just keep her. It's not too often I'd get a girl that had a glowing chest. Of course if my urine started glowing I might need to get a non-radioactive gf....although now that I think about it.......If my urine did glow that would be awesome! So I guess I'd stay with her. Unless she ended up like a ghoul from Fallout then I might have a problem with her. You know with her skin coming off or the fact that her parts would no longer work. Then I'd need a new one.
@LordXenophon Maybe they just like the wood boxes better. It's that cherry oak or walnut wood smell that keeps them coming back.
According to some books, mimics are best at immitating wood. That still leaves wine casks, doors, various furniture, shields, ladders, and the plank across the snake pit.
It's the doors you have to watch out for. Those things'll crush you and make you lose precious money!
Actually, the one I had the best luck with was the baby mimic who was camouflaged as the striker button on a gas lamp. It only bit one guy's thumb for a single hit of damage, but for the rest of the dungeon, I had them poking every little thing with daggers before they would touch it.
LMAO that is is awesome.

I had a friend that liked to gather every piece of crap from a dungeon and sell for every bit of cash he could get. So I designed a scenario where he would find a magic bag of holding at the beginning. Only the bag would spit some stuff out and keep others. I had places 50 items to find and if he got them all and placed them in the bag it would invert and spit out this golem type creature. Unfortunately I never got to run that scenario.

I did make sure to place more cursed items around though. I once got him stuck going through an evening stuck using cursed Fork and Spoon set for weapons :P
Next time, give him a Bag of Tithing owned by an impossibly large dragon priest. Everything he puts in the bag ends up in the dragon's hoard. When he finally finds the dragon, all his stuff is clearly visible on top of a big pile of actual treasure and the dragon is holding up the most worthless object and asking, "What the heck is this garbage?"

I've actually had players like that, and my solution is to describe for them more stuff than they can possibly carry in every room they enter. It forces them to try to figure out what's worth carrying all the way back to town.

I'm sure they'd have gotten a good price for the 1,000 year old silk sofa, the iron safe with silver filligree, the 3 ton statue of the villain, the library of 10,000 books (one of which they needed), the 200 pound sledge (owned by a Fire Giant blacksmith), or the 30 foot wide wall mirror. It would also have been fun watching them try to carry these things back to town.

Another thing I like to do is to hide the most valuable treasure someplace where they might not look. One time, a villain was hiding 100,000 gp worth of diamonds inside a telescope. The adventurers thought the telescope didn't work, so they sold it to a pawn shop for 10 gp. They also overlooked a spell scroll folded betwen the pages of a book of poetry, the potion bottles on the same wine rack as the newly pressed cider, the solid gold doggie dish (for the hellhounds) which had been painted over with fireproof enamel, and a bottle of expensive spell ink which was simply labeled "red." All of these things were taken back to town, but were sold for far less than their true value.

Both of these tricks are especially usefull when you want to obey the total treasure amount listed for a particular monster or villain, but want to increase the chance that the players won't actually get it all.
Mwahahahahahaha, good stuff, I'll have to remember some of that.
Why, you QW#$%@#%!@!!! I only got a 2gp share from that telescope!
That's what you get for not even trying to fix it before you sold it.
@BiggusDickus On the other hand, that's also why you were getting such good offers from that pawn shop. Laron was always finding cool stuff hidden in the junk you sold him.
What kind of villain doesn't show off his loot for all the world to see and drool after? I have this nightmare image of Liberace with a gold filled piano instead of a gold filligreed piano.
Are you calling Liberace a villain?
Yes! Nobody ever had more fun rubbing the noses of their fans in all the money they were overcharged, and his fans loved him for it. What could be more villainous than that level of mind control? He was the greatest Mind Controller in history!
I thought Mind Controllers were heroes...
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