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“Here's what SimCity 2000 has which the other versions of SimCity don't have - arcologies!”

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SimCity 2000/Streets of SimCity

SimCity 2000/Streets of SimCity (PC)

Genre/Style: Compilation/Simulation
Release Date:
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Yeah the arcologies were really awesome. Don't know why they didn't carry those into other examples.
I Down Loaded a freeware Version of 2000 The Other Day Still Such a Great Game.... Xeno Do You Play OpenTTD Much
Never have.
i think its right up your street



give it a look.. it has great multi player and is very strategic i love after i have a millionaire company and my HQ has expanded, sittin back and gazing over my empire...
Just a bit of work, there. Good going.
I suppose I shouldn't buy any property on the Pungent Sound, right?
lord did u try Openttd
Not yet.
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