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The Epsilon System

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Universe Sandbox

Universe Sandbox (PC)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Simulation
Release Date: 29/APR/11
Emblem for Genome

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You really seem to like the prefix Zath-
They are all Zathras. Slight dfference in how you pronounce.
I knew you would get it. I had hoped someone else might have the relevant Lore skill.
From what lore is this from?
Where's the 5 mile long space station?
I never saw that show. :(
It's well worth buying the DVD set, if only to see Walter Koenig and Bruce Boxleitner in their greatest roles.
That show was the best work of quite a few actors, as well as the final curtain for Michael Ansara.
And Andreas Katsulas. Who can forget his last and greatest role? The Book of G'Kar will be on store shelves for the rest of time.
I still want to know what happened to the spider in the urn.
That was a Drach Keeper and it was used in one of the movies.
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