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The Fall of Orion IV

“On turn 986, the Tklon Republic broke through the Orion lines and landed 5 armadas of transports on Orion IV. At first, the ground battle went well, with an initial beachhead of 4 regions. However, the Antarans renewed their pressure on the Tklon fleet and there were no reinforcements for the Tklon forces on the ground. Tklon was pushed back one region per turn for the next three turns. On the 5th turn, the Tklon Republic finally won initiative again, broke through the Orion lines and landed 5 more armadas of troop transports on Orion IV. These extra troops were enough to turn the tide and the planet was taken that turn.

The Antarans have only one planet left. Not long may it stand.”

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Master of Orion 3

Master of Orion 3 (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/Empire-Building
Release Date: 25/FEB/03
Emblem for Genome

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MoO3? Ugh... I'd just about forgotten about that game... Loved MoO and MoO2, but 3 was a disappointment. I really tried to like it, too. Did they ever make it any better?
I always thought this was the best of the series, but it is a bit hard to learn how to play it.
Never herd of it but looks very interesting
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