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The Ultimate Wizard Duel Begins

“Blue and Rouge face off to determine, once and for all, which of them is the ultimate wizard.”

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SaGa Frontier

SaGa Frontier (PS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 2D RPG
Release Date:
Emblem for Genome

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Hmmm--another fun looking game I missed out on from not having a PSX and only recently getting a PS2.
It works just fine on my PS2, or I wouldn't be posting about it anymore.
@LordXenophon well, yes--backwards compatible and all.

I will probably start grabbing PSX games when I get a PSX memory card. I only have a PS2 Memory Card right now.

Seems a bit pointless to play long marathons without the ability to save.

Well, unless I plan to marathon them... then that is just insane.
You can get used PSX memory cards in most of the same places where you buy used video games.
Yeah--I think I may have seen some at my local favourite used game store (Game City in Bonnie Doon Mall).

Though the girl that works there says that they tend to be a rare sight.

Looking at how few PSX games and how few PSX accessories and items, in comparison to PS2 games (which makes up a pretty large amount of stock, more than GameCube, Wii, NDS or 360 games), I am willing to believe that they do not have many people selling them PSX memory cards.

Though--the really odd thing is: they tend to have all sorts of Dreamcast based hardware... but no Dreamcast based games.

I dunno--hopefully THIS will be the month I can get my Bus Pass together--and I can start heading to another of my favourite used games stores, Nexwave, which is nearby NAIT.
The Bookman's near where I work tends to have a couple hundred PS games at any given time, and half a dozen memory cards. They still sell the memory cards pretty cheap, though.

'tis the issue with collecting used games. The store's stock almost entirely dependents on what they have come in. If it does not come it, they do not have it.

I will keep looking though.
I never owned a PSX unfortunately... I had a Sega Saturn back then lol
@theslimdavylp heh... I think I was still rocking my N64 at that time. My brother had a PSone followed by a PS2... neither of which he let me anywhere near.

I was too poor, really.

I just wish Sega did not forget how to make an advertisement campaign in NA for the Saturn.

Genesis had some awesome ads. I still type out:


Just for the iconic value those ads had.

The Japanese Saturn had some wonderful advertisements as well.

Outside Japan, it was almost like they did not want to try to sell it.

Add to that, Sony still had a decent advertiser on the help during the days of PSX (where is that guy for the PS3? I mean--it almost feels like we have the Saturn guy doing the PS3 campaigning).
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