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SaGa Frontier

SaGa Frontier (PS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 2D RPG
Release Date:
Emblem for Genome

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You'd think someone else would have found that item just lying on the ground?
Sometimes, the secret items are that obvious. On the other hand, for all you know, the last guy to come by may have been the one who dropped the thing.
Lol so true. It also sucks when you kill a random monster and it drops something better than your previous quest reward, especially if you level up and go to the more advanced monsters.
And money is useless, because you can find better weapons out in the field.

Especially in Diablo II. I almost never, ever use money. I just horde it all so the poor can't get it.
I know someone who actually complains about not being able to keep all his loot in Diablo. It's just impossible for him to carry it all.
there always is. There's been plenty of "AHAHHH! I now have enough gold to but the Crystal Sword of Severing +5 at the local village. It shall make this Dungeon Boss beg me for..... -click opens chest-......huh. Crystal Severing Sword +10. The holy fuck am I gonna do with all this gold...?"

Been there. Done that :P
You could always become a potion addict.
done that too! the whole 99 Heals at 1,250 gold, as opposed to the 10 or so I'd get from the Heala potions for the same price :P
I should pop SaGa Frontier in again one of these days. Never got to far into it. . .

As far as D2. I would play single online at /player8 and would use half a book of portal scrolls just going to sell stuff from bosses and bases in the field areas.

hmmm... been a while since I checked the D3 site... *zoom* >.>
If I remember the game, isn't that in an area populated entirely by ghosts?
What, the Diablo III website? Yeah, it's totally infested with ghosts.
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