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Sally: You Will Believe

“The early bird gets the plesiosaur.”

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City of Heroes

City of Heroes (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 27/APR/04
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The early bird and everyone on the team with the early bird get credit for the early bird getting the plesiosaur.
This is a pretty good poster, but your comment about the early bird is funnier.
Oddly enough, you don't truly believe until you see her a second time.
Just seeing her twice isn't enough to get you the badge. You have to PET her twice.
When you're using an attack to touch her, it's called "tagging."
When you're using an attack to tag her, and she only has one hit point, it's called "ganking."
When you gank an NPC, it's called "overkill."
Overkill against harmless objects is called "plinking."
When you plink with live animals as your targets, it's called "hunting."
When you hunt aquatic creatures, it's called "fishing."
When you're fishing for a creature which is supposed to be extinct, it's called "research."
When your research requires you to attack your subject, it's called "animal cruelty."
When you are cruel to a cultural icon, it's called "desecration."
When your desecration causes a long internet discussion it is called "controversy".
Controversy at gDNA is called "the status quo."
The status quo around here is called "chaos."
When chaos becomes the status quo, it's called "anarchy."
When anarchy causes people to stop posting in a thread, it's called "stagnation."
When you comment on a post's stagnation after a month of inactivity, it's called "necroposting."
When I see that the last post was 2 years ago and it defines "necroposting," it's called "temptation."
But when you give in to that temptation, it's still called "necroposting."
But when necroposting gets people to start commenting again, it's called a "revival."
When you have a revival of a hijacking, it's called a "racket."
When you're racket involves posting on the internet, its called "spam."
When you spam a thread with off-topic comments, it's called "digression."
Digression at gDNA is called "normal."
Normal on gDNA is called "why I love this website"
Why you love this website is called "Things Man Was Not Meant to Know."
Things Man Was Not Meant to Know is usually referred to as the "Source Code."
City of Heroes players think of the source code as the "Holy Grail."
The Holy Grail for City of Heroes players has become City of Heroes itself.
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