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Death Star

“I finally have the last bit of technology I need to build the ultimate attack ship. This Death Star has the largest possible size of the most powerful gun in the galaxy.”

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Master of Orion 3

Master of Orion 3 (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/Empire-Building
Release Date: 25/FEB/03
Emblem for Genome

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Curious, what PC game is this? Obviously it is Star Wars but what title? Is it a resource hog? Or can a normal Joe play it with a XPS? And not a liquid cooled I7, 16 Gig, DG35EC Intel Motherboard..blah..blah...blah....
It's not a Star Wars game. It's Master of Orion 3. I just chose to call my planet destroyer a Death Star.

This is an older game, so it thinks my Pentium IV is awesome. You need a lot of memory (at least a gigabyte!) or it will crash. The other system requirements are even lighter.

The toughest requirement is actually in your own head. This is a very hard game to learn how to play. Most people can't do it, so the game was very unpopular. You can spend days and days building your empire and thinking you're doing just fine, only to suddenly realize that a mistake you made on or before turn 1 is going to cost you the game.
I actually used to play it with only 1/2 a gig of RAM. It only crashed if I tried to open the planets screen (which loads certain details of every planet int he galaxy all at once).

If you play on a slower computer, it's just, well, slower. Large battles get bogged down in a ton of lag, but you can still control them well enough to win.

The official requirements are Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Pentium II 300MHz Processor, 128MB RAM, 800MB Hard Disk Space, 8X CD-ROM Drive, DirectX compatible 800x600 at 16-bit color Video Card, DirectX compatible Sound Card, DirectX 8.1, mouse, and keyboard. However, as I mentioned, you need more memory than this if you're going to play a large galaxy and expect to open the Planets screen without crashing.
You're also going to want more hard disk space than this if you're one of those people who never delete a saved game. The ever-growing save folder is not included in the disk requirement.
You only need 3 interceptors if Darth Vader is flying one of them.
Darth Vader is not in my technology tree.
Of course not. He's a leader. Look for him in your high council.
I have Larogo Rarara and Loknar.
That first one has an awesome name for a cheerleader.
Are you thinking of making another cheerleader-with-a-gun blaster in CoH and naming her "Miss Rarara?"
No. One cheerleader with a gun is enough. Maybe a sonic blaster.
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