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Orbital Planet Destroyer

“For the first time in all the years I've been playing this game, I finally got the Stellar Converter technology. I can finally build a Death Star of my very own!

I can also build the white elephant you see in this image. Should I build one?”

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Master of Orion 3

Master of Orion 3 (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/Empire-Building
Release Date: 25/FEB/03
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Build. Play. Conquer.

Know no pain. Have no mercy.
So that's a "no," then?

Its a huge yes. Build it and make sure it has a cannon that shoots clones of Adam Sandler at people.
Don't honestly know the game enough to say yes or no. But it seems to me the traditional planet type Death Star has some SERIOUS architectural design flaws, three meter holes and all.
Oh, I'm definately building Death Stars, but they'll be at the core of a huge fleet.

This screenshot is the white elephant - an Orbital Planet Destroyer. Orbitals are for protecting the planet from space attacks. For some reason, I can build a Planet Destroyer as an orbital, but the only planet which will be in battle when this station comes into play will by my own planet, and the same planet which this station orbits.

Not only that, but the only time you ever see the "destroy planet" option is after you have successfully attacked an enemy planet with a Planet Destroyer in your fleet.

This is basically a weapon which can never be used for its primary mission, and even if it could, it would just destroy its own planet.

So? What reasons might there be to build such a device?

1: It's funny.
2: I've never done it.
3. Emperor Palpatine would do it.
Do it! :D
I bet it can still blow away an enemy ship in one shot.
Oh... wow... that whole game was a white elephant as far as I was concerned, but I'm glad you enjoy it still. :)
It's a scuicide doomsday weapon, but if the game is realistic enough, it will sure keep your planet under control.
@LadyLakshmi lol, really will.
Grats on your assured instantaneous self destruction! Most of us have to work for years to destroy ourselves...
The hard part is getting the crew to fire it, knowing that they will die in the explosion as they wipe out their own families.
Depends on their family....
Hitler would have given the order to fire it, in the end.
That's hardly a good reccomendation.
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