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Absurd Bookkeeping

“Just when I thought I was unstoppable, I suddenly lost the game due to bankrupcy. This happened while I had a treasury balance so large, I could have paid off America's national debt with my reward points. I'm also taking in more money from taxes alone than my entire budges - more than triple my expenses after adding other income sources.

I've shown two examples below. The first is the budget I've been running. Note how there's more than 2 billion AU's in my treasury, I add 141 million AU's, and that totals -2 billion AU's. On the expenses column, I'm only spending 37 million AU's. If I run the turn with this budget, I go bankrupt and lose the game.

In the second example, I've taken away all military grants, but allocated millions more to research, planetary development and propaganda (especialy planetary development). My expenses are now more than twice what I'm collecting in taxes. If I run the turn with this budget, I have about a 2 billion AU positive balance the next turn and I avoid bankrupcy.

Is anyone able to make sense of this math and figure out a useable work-around, or is this just a total breakdown of the game?”

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Master of Orion 3

Master of Orion 3 (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/Empire-Building
Release Date: 25/FEB/03
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You taxed all the money out of the economy and locked it up in the treasury. There's nothing left for the people to spend, so everybody is bankrupt. You need to give everybody a subsidy so they can all buy new suits and get the economy going again.
Your game has allocated only 32 bits for the storage of your AU balance and it looks like there's no error routine in case you manage to save up too much money. I guess they just assumed nobody could be good enough to save up that much money.

The error is caused by the way numbers are stored in computers. One of your 32 bits is not used as a number, but designates the number as positive or negative. The other 31 bits total up to 2,147,483,647. Save up one AU more and it rolls over to that +/1 bit and becomes a negative number, at which point every AU you save makes the number even more and more negative until you get it low enough to roll over again and become positive. It's when it rolls over from negative to positive that the bankrupcy is detected and your game ends.
Funny how I see only 2 comments and I have 11 alerts about people posting here. Spam-killer bots again?
QueenFred's idea won't work, because giving too much money to planets just causes the excess to come back as gifts from planets. I'll have to do it by cutting taxes or spending tons of money on useless research.

Thanks for the exact number, Svo. That will be helpful.
My two comments has disappeared two minutes later. I think gDNA is doing maintainance or something.

Anyway, I basically said the same thing as @Svoboda. That's a technical limitation of the game and there are no patches that fix this problem, so you'll have to keep your balance under 2147483647 AU.
The two of you disagree by 1 AU, but I think I can work around that.
@LordXenophon 2147483647 is 0x7fffffff, add 1 and you got 0x80000000 which is -2147483648
OK. That's what Svo said. Now you agree.
Maybe you game has just taken to doing math like real politicians do? (Actually I agree with Svo & 13)
Too many numbers for my taste at the moment ;)
You don't have to read all the numbers. I can sum it up, thus:

1 + 1 = -1

1 -1 = 1
Hence why politicians always spend more than they bring in according to their math, this is the only way to have positive cash flow (into their pockets)
Or into their districts, at least.
Svo's summary disturbs me more than the original math.
You should spend more on spy maintenance. James Bond needs more cars.
And taser-phones.
Spy maintenance is fixed. I can't change it.
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