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Hot Pants

“Captain Castillo thinks he's suave.”

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City of Heroes

City of Heroes (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 27/APR/04
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United Federation of Organizations

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Those look like Tidus's pants from FFX.
dude! my pants are in games? and people laughed when I wore those. psh
@timyadeadhomie It just figures that pirate would steal your pants.
@LordXenophon It's ok, I duped them anyways.
*FABULOUS!*..Very Lady GaGa ish.........8^)
damn I had a set of those in the 70s, guess they're making a come back....I'll have to find mine too!!! 8)
How fast can he run with those pants on?
flame on
@bettadud No idea. I've never seen him run. Of course, who would try to run while wearing a jet pack?
@bettadud You said exactly what I was thinking.

They look MC Hammer-ish in a way. Lemme guess, he doesn't let you touch ANYTHING too huh?
Actually, those are just based on ordinary BDU pants, but with a little more flare.
I think it's the boots that make them look like parachute pants.
I just hope the back doesn't have cut outs for his arse cheeks.
He might, after I get done kicking his...
He needs the extra ventilation for his auxiliary jet.
Please, no one ask where the stabilizers are...
That is one badass luchador!
Luchador? Wouldn't he be more like an avador?
What a flaming...
...never mind. I just remember he likes Doc Delilah.
Yeah, that's a funny thing. He doesn't even seem to hold a grudge for her jetpack origami stunt. In fact, it seems to have turned him on even more.
@LordXenophon thank you--for I suddenly have lost a lot of my ability to joke about Batman and Robin being ambigiously gay.
Who's talking about Batman and Robin? We're talking about a totally confused villain who hits on superheroes.
Besides, there really isn't anything ambiguous about Batman and Robin's relationship. They're one of those old gay couples that remains closeted out of habit, even though everyone knows they're gay.
They're not gay, because they both have girlfriends. At most, they're bi.
So they both have beards, I didn't say they were out, even Rock Hudson married.
@dowekeller LOL. That one actually made me LAUGH aloud.

So--has your hero teamed up with the Homosexual Agenda yet? Er--wait... I think they made that villian change his name for some retarded reason... =(

I dunno--I am kind of curious as to why all the character @LordXenophon controls tend to be rather... well... "flaming" would be putting it mildly. I mean we have Mr. Fabulous (er... I mean, Captain Fabulous), Darkwind Dyke and of course here and ready to make the city a more mantastic place, we have Captain Callisto.

You know--I am looking forward to a caption where he runs out of fuel and two onlookers watch his fall in awe with:

Bystander 1: Its raining men!
Bystander 2: Halleyah!

(I still have no idea how or why that song ended up being picked up by the gay movement from its original purpose of frustrated women not being able to find Mr. Right (but then, I guess it was the only correct way, as well, Mr. Right is married to Prince Charming))
Er---screwed up... I mean Senor Habenaro with that /(Mister|Captain)/ Fabulous. I hope you can forgive me for the rather normal screw up.
Captain Castillo isn't one of my characters. He's one of the villains you have to fight in my favorite story arc.
Ah! Okay!

Sooo--even the in game characters are flambouyantly gay--okay... makes sense.

Hmm--I really need to start looking for a copy of this game XD
What do you expect of a game full of men running around in tights?
Well... men... manly men. In tight tights! Stealling from the rich and giving to the poor because that is right!

And... I think I just earned some time being tortured, personally, by Mel Brooks, in Hell for that.
At least there hasn't been a "Ah wish ah knew how ta' quit yew!" moment....

*throws a bar of soap at Wastelander*
@Svoboda I'm NOT picking it up!!
There seems to be a bar of soap violating unfortunate men. Let me do us all a favor, and burn it. And remember, for 50 minerals and 25 vespene I will be able to help you "need a light" for any future problems.

Smell that? That's the smell of victory. And soap.
Like Irish Spring
@bettadud I have no idea what game you're getting your mats from.
@SeoulMage *gasp* you've never played Starcraft? :O
This is why I keep liquid soap in my gym locker.
@futureBrian WELCOME BACK! so.....how's the future?
@wastelander75 I hear its shiney, and has flying cars, hoverboards, self drying clothing, and Michael J Fox.. er wait. thats back to the future... the future is... shiney.
@wastelander75 I think he is back because something needs to be done about your kids. YOUR KIDS @WASTELANDER75 !
I like kids.

well done and served with chianti.
I like kids too, they pay well for them on the Black Market. (looks around with shifty eyes)
@wastelander75 Don't forget the fava beans.
Oh--I simply adore children!

But I could never eat a whole one.

@LordXenophon slurlsurlsurrururulsruslsrusrrr...
Mmmmm Children McNuggets.
@Neodarkside ROFL
Hey! Talking about eating children is off topic from the original topic of gay super heroes and gay super villains.

Ooooor... is it?
@KatrinaTheLamia Gay pedophile Cannibal Super Villains unite!!
Bad spellers of the world, untie!
@Neodarkside Super Fags Assemble!

Okay, I believe Aquaman has some plan involving whales--so we can skip him.
oh wow... F A G S gets censored out o.o'
@LordXenophon i kan spel gooder then u!!!
Why would they bleep out "fags?" Are they anti-tobacco?
"Pack of fags."
"You're a fag"
"Its a cigarette mate"
"I'm not your mate fag!"
Not quite accurate, but close enough for government work.
Meh, got the DVD around here somewhere, pretty sure its right :P
I'm sure you quoted it correctly, but "fag" actually means "cigar." A cigarette is a faggot, though some people still just say "fag."

Next up, a lecture on the various kinds of livestock which get bleeped out by the censors.
Hey, can I bum a fag off of you? My day was rather stressful. I mean, my rubbers are filled from shoveling shit all day.

You know, I at least hope is censors the following words as well:

smeg : S m e g
bloody : b l o o d y
zut : z u t.
baka : b a k a.
beixu : b e i x u.
bukchoi : b u c h o i. (A common mispronunciation of a chinese fruit. It roughly translates to meaning you like it in the ass)

I mean, it would be rather silly to simply censor North American swear words.

Though, the issue that comes into place here, if we stop being region specific with our censors, I am going to guarantee that we will start seeing entire posts that are completely censored.
A rubber is for removing marks from paper.
@LordXenophon it also is a term for boots. Depending on where you are.
I am everywhere, and nowhere. I am everyone, and no-one. I...

Wait a minute. That's Neeson's line.

*shuffles through papers*

I mean, asking for "rubbers" at a Walmart where I am in Canada, could get the attendant to take you to the boots section, the stationary section and of course the pharmaceutical section.

The issue with censoring naughty words, is they tend to be normally some form of slang. And thus suffice to have different meanings elsewhere.

I mean--it would be simpler to just ban all slang.

This would also remove any 1337 speak and common MMORPG terms.

Though, I cannot confess to understanding what most of the MMORPG jargon means to begin with. I still have yet to figure out what "Argroing" is--and that is just one of the terms I can actually remember from the gibberish that gets passed around those circles.

Though, it would also end up banning Jargon.

How about we simply go past Newspeak, and simply into Duckspeak? It would make the censoring a lot easier to understand and implement.
I remember some forums banned the word basement, due to the word inside a word.
@LordXenophon I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.
@NeoDarkside semen?
@wastelander75 Wasn't that Oppenheimer's line?
@dowekeller yup. I remember playing Phantasy Star Online on my Dreamcast with a friend, and we used to set our room as Basement Brawl. It would show up as Ba#*&#t brawl.
@dowekeller you win the brass ring my friend.
Clearly! The censor filter is maintained by LACTOSE THE INTOLERANT! Scourge of all space! Chef of the school lunch program!
Yay!!! I win the braass riii-iing!!! So what's the going rate on brass rings these days?
Dollar Fiddy
Yeah....... F Hatia......[Slips Ring on..See's the Demons]..
@dowekeller 3/simoleon.
@LordXenophon, I tell you what, I'll let you have it for §4.50, and I'll throw in a tarball of my New City Sims 2 neighborhood, with all my favorite families in it. That's a good deal, I'd say, you get the Breakers, Carrs, Longs, Centowskis and Cormiers!

But wait, act now and I'll include a bunch of my best Sims 2 houses at no extra charge to you. That's a §20 value for just §4.50, plus §25 shipping and handling.
I've seen that scam before. I'm not fooled. You won't ship it until I buy the insurance, which costs about 20K simoleons.
I'd think about it if I got a free set of steak knives.
/announcer voice "The Slice, they dice, try our new brand of Ginsu™ knives, made from the finest stainless steel, thats Ginsu™ brand knives, 'Cuz I'ma gonna cut you up good.' "
.......tell me more.
@wastelander75 Sure... but it'll cost you 20k Simoleons first...
oka...hey wait a minute!!!........

Check ok?
@wastelander75 Sure, just... make it out to Cash, ok?
Johnny Cash?
@wastelander75 No no, easier to cash a check made out to cash, less "questions" asked...
Now just a minute here.....! What...do you think I'm stupid or something.....

You can't cash a check without my signature.

Here -scribble-

Honestly. Just how dumb do you think I am. pffft.
@wastelander75 Dumb, why would I ever think that, I consider you to be a smart and honorable person, I mean cmon, would I screw you over? Btw, you forget a zero.
oh like I'd EVER fall for that....

I forgot to add 2 zeros to be honest...


HAHAAH! Check and MATE my worthy adversary. You thought to best me, but it is I who made YOU look the fool.

Bow down and marvel at my brill...at my brill-e---brilligen...brilluglygea,.....

.................I are smart and you are dumb.
@wastelander75 Why you sure showed me... yup, reeeeally dumb. Wonder what 2 million Simoleons will buy me, enjoy your Steak knives.
aaand..............end scene. :D
You all gain 450 XP and 25g, GG everyone!
Obviously, this website needs more policing.

*rummages for a scroll of Summon Keystone Cops*
It looks like that worked, for the first time in the entire history of the Keystone Cops.
*waits for the Keystone Cops to go away, then sets up a 3 Card Monty stand*
*counts cards*

Why do you have 4 cards?
Have you ever tried demanding they open a new deck?
Okay--somebody throw @futureBrian out. We all know that card counting is frowned upon greatly.
Hey, stop counting my cards dammit! *Secretly palms an Ace*
HANG HEEM!! HANG That thar cheator!!!!
Which one is the cheater? The one who counted the cards, or the one who put 4 cards on his card counter and claimed there were 3?
.......HANG THEEEM....Hang THEM thar cheetors!!!
@LordXenophon I do not think it matters any more really.

I personally suggest hanging @BiggusDickus because he is behind on the rent of his 3 Card Monty Stand. His licensing as a 3 Card Monty Stand Owner is also under review.

Also hang him, because he most certainly does not know any secrets about my shadowy umbrella corportaion.
@KatrinaTheLamia So YOU are the one behind the upcoming Zombie apocalypse!!!
@KatrinaTheLamia if his name is accurate, then he already is hung.
@Neodarkside not just _any_ Zombie Apocalypse.

The Gay Zombie Apocalypse.

The sodomising undead.

It is truly beautiful if you think about it.

I mean a Zombie that recreates itself via Butt Sechs. Just one Gay Zomibe Butt Sechs--and boom you are talking with a lisp, giving rainbow makeovers, and your favourite Tv shows are now Opera, Will and Grace, Gilmore Girls, Sex in the City and Ellen.

Truly a well engineered marvel of modern science.
You mean gay people don't watch Xena and Hercules anymore?

And no more Star Trek, either?
I think a gay zombie apocalypse is scarier than a real one
@LordXenophon I dunno--apparently I am told that Sex in the City and Will and Grace really do not appear that high up on the list either anymore.
Well, the do still wear Bert and Earnie T-shirts.
@LordXenophon well, that is for the memory of Bert dying of AIDS. And well to support Ernie pay for his medication.
@KatrinaTheLamia I could just imagine a Gay Zombie Apocalypse.

"Omg... the zombie has me cornered, nowhere to go, please God no... wait... aaaah he's got me, he's.... taking off my pants, sweet jesus NOOOO!! Anything but that, just bite me and turn me undead but not that, nooooooooo!!"
.....well that was a dark dark place we just went to....
@wastelander75 did they start talking with a lisp and want to do a make over afterwards?

Or--was"dark dark place" not another way to say, "where the sun don't shine"?
the latter.
@wastelander75 Hehe, so just curious, normal zombies mumble "braaains", would gay zombies be mumbling "aaass"?

Resident Evil 6
Leon: "Why aren't headshots not working?"
Chris: "They are gay zombies.. shoot them in the crotch, its their only weakness!!"
@Neodarkside ROFL
lmao "aaaaaaaaasssssssssss"
"aaaaaaasssssssss", "asssss"

Hey! Is that the host of American Idol? The heavily closeted one?

"awesome asss", "swwwweeeeety, leeeeet mmmmmeeeee helllppp yoooooouuuu sooort yourself oooooouuuut.", "heeeeeey--yoooooou waaaaant tooooo be giiiiirrrrrllllfrrrriiiiennnnds?", "sooooo tiiiiiiiighhhhhhhtttttt", "Iiiiiii cooooould eat yooooooou uuuuup", "siiiiiiit oooon daaaaadddddyyyy's laaaaap", etc.
Please for the love of God, somebody... stop this thread already ....8^)
@MrVista360 I dunno--I find it hilarious that I managed to make zombies become even more scary by becoming Sodomising Undead.

Now--the only worrying thing is: if these are Resident Evil style zombies.

This of course means that tentacles are going to be involved in this matter.

Seeing as how they are same sex targeting zombies this means gay zombifying tentacoo wape.

Now, imagine an entire pack of these creatures.
@KatrinaTheLamia Heh, only Umbrella Inc. could be so evil to design gay zombies with tentacles. Just imagine it, seeing a pack of zombies raping all the guys, all the girls think they are safe, that is... until the tentacles come out! And to quote Resident Evil 2, "Everyones going to die!"
@MrVista360 I can cast a Stop spell, but it only has a duration of 1 round. Will that be long enough?
It would satisfy the literal interpretation of his request.
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