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Esau Wood Saws Wood

“For some reason, nobody ever showed up to collect Esau Wood after the party. He just swam and swam until he could swim no more, then passed out beside the Boothe family's pool.”

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The Sims

The Sims (PC)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Life Development Sim
Release Date: 04/FEB/00
Emblem for Genome

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What a pansy.
Why, because he passed out without drinking any beer?
what a lonely sad looking fellow.
Why is he sleeping on the ground? When there's a hot tub right next to him?
He'd drown if he did that.
Children can't use hot tubs.
Sooner or later heĀ“ll starving and Death will come for him?
Nah, he's a Sim, he'd be fine.
Are you kidding? A Sim could make a friggin peanut butter and jelly sammich in their kitchen and somehow start a fire that kills them.
They also keep bags of chips in the fridge.
FLAMING bags of chips...
At five simoleons a bag, those had better be some very special chips. At the very least, I'd expect them to contain enough oil to be flammable.
Either that, or they must be Habanero flavor.
If you refer to Lay's "Flaming Hot" flavor, that's cayenne.
Frito Lay's Heroic Chips. Now in Senior Habanero flavor!
Endorsed by the hottest hero on Earth!
I can totally see him going through an emo phase before /suicides
Who, Esau?

He's not old enough for an emo phase yet, and this being Original Sims, he never will be old enough.
So is he just gonna lay there all night or is SOMEbody gonna get this poor kid a blanket?
Eh, if he died, he can just come back as a ghost and play video games, like dowe's old man.
I'd like to see a Sim freak out because there's a ghose hogging the pinball machine.
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