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El Dorito September 542

“This city is getting to the point where there's just too much shade for a decent crop to grow.”

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SimCity 4

SimCity 4 (PC)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Construction/Building Sim
Release Date: 15/JAN/03
Emblem for Genome

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Depends on what the crop is. ;)
Talk about refusing to adapt to society -_-
Looks like a lot of banks, or insurance companies going up...8^)
Those are giant apartment buildings. Everyone wants to live where they can steal free produce.
Can I too? :D
I'm kinda pissed that for whatever reason, when I try to play my game my computer asks for the play disk, yet I have it inserted into the drive....hrrrmmmm

I uninstalled it since I can't play anymore, but I think I'll be buying Cities XL 2011 when I have some spare cash to try that out.
Gamer DNA is dead...long live Gamer DNA....8^(...Click support...redirect..."Rift"....They sold out..cant complain to anyone.."Rift"......They sold out....PM.."Rift" Get over it..they sold out...
looks like they fixed the rift thing...
Yeah I think they did. It just goes straight into outlook for me. Kinda weird...it's like someone was like "He found us out!! Oh noes!!!" and changed it. Atleast we know someone is there.

Whether he is a russian billionaire whom just sits there quietly manipulating us all day I do not know.
Whatever rift you are talking about, I have never encountered it. Are you certain it was caused by gDNA?
It was another background glitch where every mouse click sent you to the site for the game "Rift"
Never happened too me
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