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Dam Power Company

“You can never have too much dam power.”

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SimCity 2000/Streets of SimCity

SimCity 2000/Streets of SimCity (PC)

Genre/Style: Compilation/Simulation
Release Date:
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Hahaha, that may be true, but since when do dams without water give power?
This takes me back!
Sir, I really think you should reconsider your economic stimulus plan....I think you've got enough juice to power at least 50 particle accelerators.
Well i Don't approve...unless that elctricity is damn enough near free XD
Something is majorly wrong here. I think he is hiding some kind of Doomsday device or summat.
Where would you store the doomsday device...under all those power plants...or the houses :O
It is hidden in the best place possible: plain sight. Those dams are actually semtex painted gray.
Personally, I just think he took the whole "Job creation from renewable energy" maxim a bit too far.
You just have too many dam engineers.
Are those dam windmills pumping the dam water back to the top of the dams, to generate more dam power? Also, what's with all the dam housing?
You covered the dam mountain in dam cement!
I canna do it, Captain! I don't have the power!
I guess you can also never have too many dam puns.
They're your punishment for posting this dam screenshot.
I don't think I'd want to buy a house in that dam neighborhood.
@AZBarbarian You sure? I'm pretty sure electric is free. haha
If you try to steal their dam power, you'll get a lot of dam static and possibly also a dam lawsuit and dam injuction. Not to mention, you'll probably get a lot of hot air from those windmills (and from the dam attourneys).
Watcha gonna do with all that power?
Put it in his trunk?
Take over the Sim world, of course.
It looks like your dams run on lawn runoff.
Why else have so many dam lawns between the dams?
Because the dam neighborhood association requires dam lawns.
Since when do we need a dam neighborhood association?
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