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“According to the trickster, chaos is "good."”

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Doctor Who: Destiny of The Doctors

Doctor Who: Destiny of The Doctors (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date:
Emblem for Genome

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The Trickster thinks he's good enought to go eyeball-to-eyeball with Sarah Jane Smith. He's not.
He's not good enough to go nose-to-nose with her, either.
... and he seems to have bad teeths to... Now I think we can play an "Who offended the Trickser the most" game ;)
I can't tell who he's pointing at.
I am actively dodging, so he will have hard time pointing toward me :)
He's chaos incarnate. He just points at random.
I am not Random, I am Caine ! ...Caine-Nine, of course ;)
Random is in a lot of trouble. The Trickster can world-walk, too.
The Trickster has to trick people into letting him world-walk, so Random has a big advantage.
But can Random create a time-loop?
Random doesn't need a time loop. He can just put you in a timeline where the universe never happened. That's almost the same thing.
So he can't create a time loop, then.
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