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Ghost Ship

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City of Heroes

City of Heroes (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 27/APR/04
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United Federation of Organizations

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Who you gonna call?
Ghost busters XD
Certainly not the port authority.
When did the ghost ship do that? I've only ever seen it skimming the ground and maybe low rooftops.
It used to get stuck and do a tumbling act through downtown Talos a few years ago. It lasted for months.
Jaws "You're gonna need a bigger boat."
The ghost ship is a bigger boat. You're gonna need a bigger shark.
A bigger shark with a large proton pack.
And about 6 squads of Ghostbusters. Have you seen how many ghost sailors that thing leaves in its wake?
Not enough. I usually have to chase it twice to get the badge.
Or wait for it to get stuck, which doesn't seem to happen much anymore.
It still gets stuck in IP. It just doesn't stay stuck for days at a time anymore.
It still goes right through Lusca's head, though.
Anyone ever had it show up and go through Lusca's head while you were fighting her?
More than once, but it's not dangerous unless Lusca is close to land. The ghosts won't jump out into the water.
I had it happen near that sand bar by the gate to Brickstown. That was interesting. It's a good thing we had enough people so we could handle it.
That sandbar is so far from Lusca's spawn point that the only time it gets used is when the healers need somewhere to teleport the casualties to.
That's what made it a problem. The ghosts started spawning while we were trying to recover from an ass-kicking.
Klingons love to do that, I hear.
No. Attacking while you're trying to recover from an ass-kicking.
They also love to ambush whover shows up to deliver the Awakens.
This was not a Klingon ghost ship. This was a Banished Pantheon ghost ship.
You can tell this site has been around a while. The necroposts are getting staler than ever.
But at least people are still posting.
People and bots. I came back to find dozens of bots following me.
The bots only go to the forums. That's good, because the real people almost never go to the forums any more.
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