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Bad Curry

“Curry is even sleazier than I thought. He's naked in the hot tub again, this time with three naked girls. Two of them are married and one is married to his son. Meanwhile, right next to the hot tub, in the swimming pool, is Curry's young grandson.

Just how sleazy can the man get?”

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The Sims

The Sims (PC)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Life Development Sim
Release Date: 04/FEB/00
Emblem for Genome

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That's pretty bold if you ask me.
"Women prefer the bald men" ?
If you are going to be a sleaze you may as well not half-ass it.
hey they agreed to it. unless Curry somehow put a gun to their heads and said "get in the hot tub nude! do it!"
Those three girls wouldn't happen to be Svoboda, KatrinaTheLamia and MichelleSavage, would they?
@SonglinQ Thanks for the leads. :D
@SonglinQ I can TOTALLY see that happen
@SonglinQ Ha! That's a good one XD
You think I'm in that hot tub? Which one of those girls looks blonde to you?
maybe it's a disguise....
I took the picture before Svoboda got in.
I didn't get in until Curry left.
So you don't deny having been naked at that party, then?
What a player
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