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Apprentice Game Surface

“Since this game is free DLC, there's no box or CD case and it doesn't have a loading screen or a usable logo, so I took a screenshot of the game surface. It works for Solitaire and Freecell.

The website in the corner is a leage of players who used to use this software to play M:tG on line. They have help files, links to download the software and an IRC channel for finding opponents.”

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Apprentice (PC)

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You mean this game is real?
Of course this game is real. Why would you even ask?
If this game isn't real, I need to cut back on the alky.
Nuts, I can't even remember how to play. I lost my entire collection about a decade ago. I wish this had been around then :D
This was around back then. It's an old, IRC=based client from the '90's. Most online M:tG players have moved on to newer software.
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