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The End

“In the ruins of the enemy base.”

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Empire Earth

Empire Earth (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/3D Real-Time Strategy
Release Date: 14/NOV/01
Emblem for Genome

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whats with the two randoms in the middle of all those warmachines?
What randoms?
I think he means the people.
Looks like Link lost his bottoms (the right random) while on his way to save Zelda!...8^)
Why is that guy wearing a sandwich board sign?

Also, does it really say "the end" or did you shop that?
The guy wearing the sign is the most powerful unit in my army. He's a prophet. The rest of his sign says, "is near." I deliberatly positioned the camera to block the rest of the sign, though.

The other one is a combat medic and she's wearing shorts. If she saves Zelda, it's from an injury.

There were quite a few other people outside the tanks, but most of them didn't show up in the screenshot. I brought a couple dozen mortars, an engineer, and some regular infantry, but they mostly stayed at the gate.

There were also plenty of aircraft overhead. You might have noticed their mother ship in the background.
Your prophet looks naked.
He's wearing a sign.
There's plenty of naked prophets in the Bible.
His end is in sight.
What does a prophet do? In the game I mean.
Unlike other units which cost rec, when you train one of these, you always make a prophet.
He's like Moses. He doesn't just predict the earthquaques, plagues, volcanoes and storms. He causes them.
Never underestimate the power of a wise prophet.
How wise can he be? He forgot his pants.
He didn't forget his pants. Wearing just the sign is his version of sack cloth and ashes.
The man can cause earthquakes, floods, pestilence, and other assorted malcontentments and your going to tell him the Prophet Has No Clothes? We're gonna need more bodybags.
And more scoop shovels and wheelbarrows.
Prophets don't need clothes. They're supposed to run around naked in the desert until their hair scrapes the dust and live on nothing but juniper berries.
OK that's just weird.
Not to a Monty Python fan, it isn't. She's describing a scene from The Life of Brian.
@PriestessRiva And live in a pit.
I think my dad has a copy of that. I'll have to watch it.
You probably shouldn't watch it until you're older, unless it's a TV edit.
You do know that just makes me want to rent the director's cut, right?
There isn't any less violence in the TV edit. They just cut out the nudity and swearing.
Pfft, its Monty Python, i watched it when I "shouldn't" have and I turned out fine. . .

What's so great about the cheese makers, anyway?
I hear they will inherit the Earth.
I think he meant all manufacturers of dairy products.
Don't pick your nose!
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