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El Dorito Metropolitan Area

“This is what my region looks like so far. The screenshot doesn't show the entire region, but it does show every plot with a city on it. The number in the lower left is the total population of all of these cities.”

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SimCity 4

SimCity 4 (PC)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Construction/Building Sim
Release Date: 15/JAN/03
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I bet all the stoners live in/ vacation in "Dorito" It is on the West Coast/ Ocean Side after all, and it is named after the best stoner snack ever........duuuude.....8^)
And I think I remember him saying in another post that one of the lakes is called "Loch Amole."
One thing SimCity 2000 had that SimCity 4 doesn't are signs you can put on your map to label such things. You only know the name of that Loch Amole because I mentioned it in a post, but in SimCity 2000, I'd have put a sign in the middle of the lake. I'd love to see DLC to bring those signs back.
I found Unfoundland. It's not unfound any more.
Your assessment is not unfounded, but it's too late for the founders to change the name.
What kind of shitty city name is Guanotanomo?
Your question answers itself.
Does Salt Lick City have a problem with giant monsters trying to lick the skyscrapers?
Of course it does. How else would it get that name?
By having its main industry be salt-lick-making.
By having a 180 foot tall salt lick for its central landmark.
If I go to Dozen Oaks and cut down one of the trees, will they have to rename the city?
Why not? It wouldn't be the first time. Before the fire, the town was called "Thousand Oaks."
Isn't "Viagra Falls" an oxymoron?
Not at all. It doesn't start working until it falls into... your grandpa's stomach.
What's on Tel Avision?
A layer of smog, just like all the other cities.
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