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Pole Cat's Last Caper

“Pole Cat thwarts one last Nazi plot before her world ends.”

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City of Heroes

City of Heroes (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 27/APR/04
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United Federation of Organizations

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Somebody nudged me...
that was me
someone nudged me too.
Yeah, but I'm the one who posted it in the first place. Why nudge me?
I'm hoping that the CoH/CoV players decide to re-create their characters in another superhero game, like Champions Online or DCUO or something...
Or the Marvel Superheroes roleplaying game. I'm recreating the entire CoX universe using that system, for later use.
You mean the PnP game? That's not at all the same thing, though, and kind of not playable online the way MMO gaming is.
I mean an old fashioned, dice-and-paper roleplaying game.
Yeah, an old fashioned PnP (Pen and Paper) RPG. As I said, nowhere near the same. Better than nothing at all, but there are other superhero MMO games out there, and there was a group a couple years ago working on CoH/CoV server emulation.
That would be nice, but they won't be able to preserve character data.
That's why I said "re-create"
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