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Nano Age Trebuchets

“At the end of an epic campaign, with Nano Age forces on both sides, I still have 3 trebuchets pounding away at the enemy walls.”

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Empire Earth

Empire Earth (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/3D Real-Time Strategy
Release Date: 14/NOV/01
Emblem for Genome

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Funny, even as Empire Earth was released in 2001, it still looks a lot like TC EndWar released in 2009.
Don't tell me that - that flag means you're blowing up that tower with a nuke?
Either that, or Achtungheiss is missing and they're searching the neighborhood for him.
No, HitGirl is right. I nailed Achtungheiss's avatar to that survey stake so that my B-52's would try to bulls-eye the stake.

But that's not what's knocking down the other tower. The trebuchets did that.
Even an old weapon is still a weapon.
I've been wanting to try this game because I've heard good things about it. There's not a lot of other RTS games where you can place a mosque or have Saladin in your army.
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