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M:tG Love Shack

“This card is meant to resemble the way "love shacks" are used in Minecraft.”

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Minecraft (PC)

Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
Release Date: 17/MAY/09
Emblem for Genome

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Put X door counters on Love Shack (and a do not disturb sign). - fixed ;-D
A love shack isn't a "do not disturb" sort of place.
Is it more of an "Early Maid Service Requested" sort of place?
Maybe if Hailey Havoc is the maid.
Well this is interesting.....doors make people?
And all this time, you thought clothes made people.
Is there any bone in the Love Shack ?
What other lies have I been tricked into believing?
Well, let's see...

I believe you've been told that Love makes the world go round. That's actually handled by your graphics card.
So what happens when my graphics card dies? Or if I upgrade?
If your graphics card dies, you can't render the world any more.
Graphic card render bones, graphic card is Dog God !
It also renders all the trees, sofas and scratching posts.
So if my graphics card dies I go blind? And does that also mean that people with vision problems, such as color blindness, are using the wrong drivers?
It could be their OS, maybe they are using an 8 bit system.
An 8-bit system? Wow, they really need to upgrade in that case
Or maybe they just need to run the display adjustment tool.
So what does a "love shack" really do in Minecraft?

Pardon me for returning to topic. :P
It does two things.

First of all, your village has a population limit of 7 people per 20 valid doors. 1 every 3 doors is close enough for the card. The love shack is a big room with lots of valid doors.

Second, because the doors all lead to a big room, the villagers all flock to the one room, lured in by all those doors, and stay there all night. This greatly increases the chances that two villagers who go into "Love Mode" at the same time will be in the same place.

These things work so well that your village will probably reach its new population limit by the time you can finish building your love shack, even if it has thousands of doors.
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