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Dick's Deli

“This is what happens when you play Minecraft instead of going to lunch.”

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Minecraft (PC)

Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
Release Date: 17/MAY/09
Emblem for Genome

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those benches & tables are pretty sweet, nice work! And I don't even recognize the 'trash' box... what is that?
That's a juke box.
Did you get in on Minecraft when it was still in beta stage or did you purchase it afterward? I am thinking of getting it but do not see it for less than twenty bucks (PC or 360).
Yes, I was in the beta. That's why I can't load Garcia Keep any more; my old save game file won't load in the released version.
Dick's Deli eh?

Do they serve Spotted Dick or Cock Flavored Chicken Soup?
There are melon cookies and flaming chicken. Can't you read the menu board? Try the Creeper Basket or the Way Too Hot Dog if you like spicy food.
Nice place for a Minecraft build !

I was at least hoping for some Couque D'Asses, maybe some of LeCours Double Creme Betweens, or a taste of the orient with some Stik Poo.

Not even some Fluffer Nutter?

(FYI these are ALL actual named food products)
At least tell me you have some Hung Wang Noodles.
There's a hot dog. Respect the sausage.
Nice build. How long did that take you to complete?
I'm not even sure. I was working on two other buildings at the same time, plus planting and cutting down trees, pushing cows into a livestock chute and building a railroad. The deli wasn't that much work, though.
Livestock chute?
It's like a metal cage where you herd a cow in one way....say to put a tag on their ear or etc.

They look like this.

it's supposed to help keep them stable and reduces the risk of them fighting/kicking/running away etc.
Ah, those things.
The term also refers to a corridor made of gates, which you use to drive the animals between pens, in and out of trucks, etc.

Mine is made of fences, wooden gates and pressure plates and it's a mile long. It's a way to move sheep to the village without using any of my iron. It's slower that a minecart, but it's also self operating.
Why was the beta like ten bucks and the full game is $26.99 on the website? One of the few games I would prefer to play on PC and the XBOX version is cheaper :/
Minecraft's PC pricing is all kinds of screwy. That price tag, plus the fact that the PC DRM servers go down every-other weekend makes it really hard to convince others to buy it :P
It wasn't 10 dollars. It was 10 Euros.
Gelatinous Cube Steak? Isn't that what happens when you have a fatty cube steak and you put it in the fridge?
No, then all you have is a fatty moldy cube steak.
though it will cure your gout if you eat it though.
Slimes in Minecraft strongly resemble Gellatinous Cubes from D&D.
Nice! i should build something again :P
...and post screenshots.
though not of your gout.
Your kraut, maybe.
OK Dr. Seuss.
Does the "creeper basket" explode in your mouth, not in your hands?
It explodes in the oven. That's why it's shaped like a basket.
That must be an epic oven, or does the cook have to pick it up and re-spawn it every time?
If he's ever had to do that, it wasn't while I was looking.
It looks like there's some crazy stuff on the menu board.
Were you expecting anything serious?
@PriestessRiva You should have known it was crazy stuff, just by the name of the deli, as Waste keeps pointing out.
Why can't I beat their meat?
Because everyone else sells the exact same meat. That's the down-side of a global economy.
You mean when the commercial says, "you can't get anything better than ours" they really mean everybody else sells the exact same thing?
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