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Sword of a Fallen Jedi

“From the game tralier, just after the Jedi master falls.”

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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date:
Emblem for Genome

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That's pretty good, for an object shot.
the mmo's gonna rock. though I wish BioWare would at least consider KotoR as a trilogy and bring Revan's tale to it's end.
Try not to get too hyped up, that could ruin the actual game for you.
Is it OK to like the screenshot, or is that getting too hyped up? I'm sure the actual game won't look anything like the trailer.
Probably not. I expect it will be better.
I just hope it's not too cartoony looking like WoW
@wastelander75 It's not, haven't you seen other trailers? It looks like the KOTOR games.
not yet. just the teaser here.
Actually, the whole point is to make an MMORPG based on the KOTOR games, so it had better look comparable.
I have total faith in TOR myself.
Is "Total Faith" a toggle force power?
I believe it's right there next to battle meditation.
I figured it was probably one of the last powers in the Battle Meditation group.
@LordXenophon Nope, for me it's a constant effect.
You mean like a Feat?
it must be a party buffer then. Or an AoE constant, like a Paldin's "heroic aura" buff.
Actually, I seem to recall Luke Skywalker using a faith based power, but it worked the other way. The more friends he had, the more powerful he became. The Emperor said this was his weakness, probably meaning that if enough of his friends died attacking the Death Star, Luke would be weakened.
@LordXenophon I don't remember any of that....
That's because you weren't there, on the Death Star, when the Emperor tried to turn Luke to the dark side.
@LordXenophon Fine, I don't remember any of that from THE MOVIE.
Though the last time I watched it, was the rifftrax for the crappy special editions.
Watch Return of the Jedi again, and pay attention to the part where Luke tells the Emperor what is his weakness, and the Emperor snaps back with Luke's weakness.
@EarthboundX I thought the 90's added stuff were awesome! What was wrong with them, other then Greedo shooting first?
Greedo shot first.
@wastelander75 Not in the original.
@Fallout2Forever I know that. I was pointing out the one bad thing about the new stuff.

You don't mess with something that works. And even when they tweaked it even more for the DVD releases, it still looks fake.
I thought the way they sped up the fight between Vader and Kenobi just made it look more fake.
Plus some of the CGI was just crap, and was totally unnecessary. We didn't need that music number in the last one.
We did need the improved Cloud City, but he didn't need to make all those annoying one-word changes in the dialogue.
Hmm, I guess I didn't remember any of that.
@EarthboundX If you refer to the new agey music at the end of the refurbished Return of the Jedi, that did serve a purpose. Lucas added scenes of people celebrating all over the galaxy sooner than they could likely have heard of the Emperor's death. This added a lot of time to the ending, so John Williams had to extend the music.

He also looped part of the music in the credits, because the refurbishing process required a huge number of people who had not originally worked on the movie.
I liked some of the stuff they added to the arrival in Mos Eisley.
@LordXenophon I mean that music number with the CGI alien, in Jaba's place, that was pointless and annoying.
You mean the extra musicians they added to the band, including one who runs up to the camera and shows us his slobbery tonsils?
@LadyEldath Yep, that one.
I think it was female though.
I found Tonsil Man pretty annoying, too.
I liked that scene. It was a good way to show off his new CG tech.
Except for the view of his tonsils. That was kind of gross.
I only watch RotJ for the gratuitous "accidental" boobs shot from the twi'lek slave dancer. :P
But the best part is the Emperor's failed attempt to turn Sir Luke to the dark side!
@Fallout2Forever (i know this is way late but...) I actually thought the fact that Han shot first added depth to his character. Him not shooting till after Greedo shot made him look weak & less like the Han Solo we all love! (Gotta love the bad boys)
Greedo deserved it, anyway.
And Han knew he wasn't going to get out of it. Dead men wait till after the first shot is fired at that range. If I remember right Greedo mentioned "dead or alive", & there was no way Han was going alive.
Actually, Greedo blatantly announced his intention to turn Han in dead.
still though. it makes you think what kind of faulty bounty hunter Greedo was. Man was practically within point blank range and still missed.
That's what's really wrong with the new version. Aganst anyone who knew how to shoot, such as a RHODIAN HUNTER, Han's only chance was to shoot first.
That's right, and Han would have been very aware of that. He would never have let Greedo get the first shot.
But it's so much more PC this way...
you know a few years back I saw a picture of Greedo with those thick black horn rimmed glasses with the caption "OK let's try this again..." somewhere but I can't seem to find it......
This MMO could potentially be the best MMO to ever come out... I just want another KotOR game so bad so... I won't complain you have to pay :O but nice shot here ;)
@TamaraLane Give me a break! Killing isn't supposed to be PC!
but it's ON a PC!
I'm not sure killing on a PC is exactly PC. Neither is killing someone with a PC. Neither is it PC to kill your PC.
Yeah but some how we think the bad guy should shoot first. I really don't think they should have changed the scene.
Of course not. The moment Greedo stated his intent to kill, Han had the right to shoot first and was not stupid enough to assume Greedo would miss.
hey I'll be the first to say it, I'll forgive the Greedo shot first fiasco. But I'll never forgive the "Midichlorian" bullshit.
We needed some sort of explanation of why force power can be inherrited, but it does make you wonder why Luke had so much trouble finding an easy way to find force users to train.
I would have gone with "The universe is a living thing, and some people are born with the ability to listen to it. Some however, are twisted by the experience. They cannot comprehend it's true meaning, and subvert the very life around them to suit their own ends. This is why we have Jedi and Sith. Good and Evil, Light and Dark."
@wastelander75 I agree. I thought Obi Wan's explanation in the original was all the explanation we needed. "The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together." Nuff said, it's an action movie go with it...sometimes movies don't have to explain things. We have brains and enjoy thinking. I think Hollywood wants to spoon feed us everything. I'm really sick of it. That's why I enjoy movies like Memento, where you have to pay attention and think.
Metachlorians don't change the explanation of the nature or existance of the Force. They simply explain why certain people can hear the Force more easily than others.
I would have preferred it simply remain a mysterious energy in the universe myself. much like what Tamara said. That would've been good enough for me.
Do we need an explanation for why some people have natural abilities? Like musicians, painters and other artist? Adding that "science" to the fiction just made it seem less believable. I try to go into movies with a suspend all reality mindset, but that one still did not sit well with me.
That Sith Lord is soooooo going to get his ass kicked for killing a Jedi Master. Just you wait and see!
Are you gonna do it, JediOola?
It looks to me like she intends to.
he's probably an in game boss.

At least I hope he is.
I suspect they both will be, despite the fact that one of them dies during the trailer.
It's not a clear death. He's seriously wounded, but they don't show you that he actually dies from his lightsaber impaling wound.
Excellent point. He probably took less damage than Vader.
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