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Size Doesn't Matter

“It's how you use the pole.”

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I think I would consider *that* parking at any time....
I know. He obviously didn't read the sign. It says you can't park on both sides of the pole.
Nice car...well it was.
That's some serious wood, too.
You wood have to say that.
Wood always gets in the way of what's important . . . running cops down with your car.
Is that what he was trying to do? He missed.
Is this why cars are considered to be female? So you can stick a pole in them?
You're not really supposed to put a pole in the car. You're supposed to put a man in the car. I'm pretty sure we all agree, however, that this guy is doing it wrong.
If I'm not mistaken, that kind of car comes with a pole already.
If you're talking about what I think you're talking about, that's a completely different pole. This big, wooden one is not the standard part.
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