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The Other Side of Senor Habanero

“As requested by another member, this is the side opposite the back side.”

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City of Heroes

City of Heroes (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 27/APR/04
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as Stewie from Family Guy would say:

"Oh...you...oh you are just the WORST kind of peeersun"
and correct me if I'm wrong but....is he eating a donut? A superhero?!

It does look derishush though.
It makes a lot of sense. After all, what is a super hero if not a self-employed cop?
Senor some times you make me feel like Tim the Tool Man.
@tekchip LOL
What is he eating, some kind of lightish red doughnut?!?
With pink frosting and sprinkles, just like the giant donut balloon over the donut shop.
Nice side shot, and that looks like a very tasty powdered Donut.
every officer of the law needs a powdered doughnut. or else he's not official.
I can see your hat from here.
lol! The side opposite his bottom is his top!
it looks like he's got a tat on his arm, or is that just shading?
He's wearing a long sleeved jacket and long gloves, so you must be seeing some poor Council soldier's blood.
@dowekeller No that would be his hand. The donut is the other thing.
LOL! I think they wanted to see your face, not your hat.
I liked the pictures of his ass, but that's me.
@Oola you're severely overestimating the gamerDNA community! I think what everybody really wants to see is Sr. H's pepper basket.
I don't even want to know what you're calling a "pepper basket."
I thought they called those Sausage Shacks
Well, I do have to admit it's a nice hat...
What are you, some kind of pink donut eater?
What's wrong with pink doughnuts? If I had one right now, I would eat it.
I think that's a Simpsons reference. It's what Homer said the one time he wore a pink shirt to work, and his co-workers saved him the pink donut. "Just because I'm wearing a pink shirt doesn't mean I'm some kind of pink donut eater! Mmmmmm! Doooonuuuuut!"
Retodon8 is some kind of pink donut eater!
Said by a man in a skirt.
i thought it was a loin cloth?
Nope. It's a manly, Roman skirt.
Since when is a skirt manly? Not that I would know, since I'm strictly a jeans girl...
Since Sean Connery was seen wearing one.
I think he calls his a "kilt."
The only time I've seen Sean Connery in a kilt was when he was playing James Bond, which makes it even more manly.
That's where I saw it, too.
A kilt on James Bond???

That's a very bad idea. Never put a kilt on a man who can't keep it down.
Never put a skirt on a man who can't say "skirt."
Biggus wears a skirt? I thought that was a thkirt.
Actually, I think what you guys are calling a skirt is 2 things, the lower portion of the soldiers tunic that extends below the cuirass plus his pteruges, which were IIRC extentions attached to the belt used to carry his pugio and gladius.
You mean cuirath, pterugeth and gladiuth?
He might also be carrying a druthuth. You never know.
I do have a druthuth. Tho what? Everyone thould carry a thword.
Biggus Dickus has a little sword? Who would have guessed.
That's OK. I wasn't interested in him, anyway.
Good for you. Never date anyone who can't pronounce your name.
Why not?
HeyI I rethent that! I can thay ThoulMage!
Because he might inthult you, though not on purpouth.
Hit on Ooila, Biggus. You can say her name.
@LordXenophon He can say your name, too.
Please don't point that out to him.
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