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Alit Butte

“I was planning to build a farm on top of this butte and name it "Seuss Farms." Then I noticed that it looks like an alit from this side. Now I don't want to mess with it.”

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Minecraft (PC)

Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
Release Date: 17/MAY/09
Emblem for Genome

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alit? Was ist das?
A large reptile found in Morrowind.
That sheep doesn't seem to notice the alit.
Sheep? I thought that was a monkey ;P
She's the black sheep of the herd.
Cross-gaming now are we?
As if that's anything new to Minecraft.
Now will there be any Minecraft in my Morrowind?
There is a lot of mining in Morrowind.
Morrowind also has a lot of crafting.
But I can't craft a mine. That I have to buy
You don't buy a mine in Morrowind. You buy a house. The mine is accidentally thrown in for free.
And technically you don't buy the house, you hire someone to build it.
I didn't pay anyone to build my other house. I paid someone to grow it.
Grow it? 0_o
Tel Uvirith is a mushroom tower.
Is it? Don't remember, been awhile since I've stepped foot in Morrowind.
You probably didn't play Telvanni. Most people don't. I happened to like the idea of unifying the two major magical factions by taking over both.
I did have a mage at one point, just forgot the whole Telvanni house thing.
I'll vote for anything with a butt in it.
It's a butte, not a butt.
There is a butt in "butte."
Well played.
There is also a butt in many of Svoboda's screenshots.
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