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Somebody to Bridge

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LordXenophon said...
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Somebody to Bridge is a song about an unsuccessful hero, who just can't get to level 50 no matter how much he tries. The song is based on Somebody to Love, written by Brian May and performed by Queen.

For purpose of reference, here is a video of Queen performing the original song:

For purpose of clarity, all alterations to the back-up singing have been placed in (parentheses) and inserted as close as possible to the lead lyrics, so that you can more easily match them to the original back-up lines used by Queen. Chorus lines (meant to be sung by all singers together) are also placed in parentheses.

If you want to try to sing this song, it helps to get a second singer to sing the backup-lines along with you. Although Queen is a four-man band, the song is actually written as a two-part harmony, with everyone but Freddie Mercury singing as a single voice, so it sounds just fine as a duet for two tenors. This song doesn't work very well with a karaoke tape, because most karaoke tapes only remove Freddie's voice and leave in the others.

That's enough notes. Now for the song:

by Lord Xenophon

Based on "Somebody to Love"
by Brian May
as performed by Queen

(find me)
(somebody to)

Each morning I get up I play a little
Can barely stand from my seat
Take a look at the monitor and cry
Devs what you're doing to me?
I have spent all these issues believing you
But I just can't get no XP, oh!
Somebody (somebody)
somebody (somebody)
Can anybody find me somebody to bridge?

I fight hard (he fights hard) every day of my life
I fight till I strain my eyes
At the end (at the end of the mission) I take home
my hard earned inf all on my own
I go down (down) to the fridge (fridge) And I get caffiene (Mountain Dew!)
Drink till tears run down from my eyes (Lord)
somebody (somebody)
somebody (please)
Can anybody find me somebody to bridge?

(He fights hard) Every day (every day)
I fight and I fight and I fight!
But everybody wants to put me down!
They say I should be 50!
They say I've been level 42 forever!
Oh, I've got no fighting skills!
I got nobody left on my team!
(n00b n00b n00b n00b)

{Brian's guitar solo}

(Oh Lord)
Somebody (somebody)
Can anybody find me somebody to bridge?
(anybody find me someone to bridge)

Got no feel, I got no focus
I just keep racking up debt! (he just keeps losing, he's losing)
I'm ok, I can fight (he can fight, he can fight)
Ain't gonna face no defeat! (boo ya)
I just gotta get out of this leveling slump!
Someday I'm gonna be 50, Lord!

(Find me somebody to bridge)
(Find me somebody to bridge)
(Find me somebody to bridge)
(Find me somebody to bridge)
(Find me somebody to bridge)
(Find me somebody to bridge)
(Find me somebody to bridge)
(Find me somebody to bri-i-idge)
(Find me somebody to bridge)
(Find me somebody to bridge)
(Somebody) (somebody)
(Somebody) (somebody)
(Somebody) (find me)
(somebody) (find me somebody to bridge)

Can anybody find me somebody to bridge?
City of Heroes

City of Heroes (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 27/APR/04
City of Villains

City of Villains (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 31/OCT/05
City of Heroes: Collector's DVD Edition

City of Heroes: Collector's DVD Edition (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 04/NOV/04
City of Heroes: Good Versus Evil Edition [Wal-Mart Exclusive]

City of Heroes: Good Versus Evil Edition [Wal-Mart Exclusive] (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date:
City of Heroes: Mac Special Edition

City of Heroes: Mac Special Edition (MAC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 09/FEB/09
City of Heroes: Architect Edition

City of Heroes: Architect Edition (PC-MAC)

Genre/Style: Compilation/Role-playing
Release Date: 14/APR/09
Emblem for Genome

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That's great.
nice work i can tell you have put some work into it although if you have gotten that queen song stuck in my head you will suffer.
@DeathorGlory9 Hopefully, it's my song that gets stuck in your head, not Queen's.
LOL! Full of win.
That's classic.
It's about time you got this one posted! :D
ROFL! I just sang along with the video 5 times.
It's a little out of date, though. You don't need a bridge to power level anymore.
That's one of those things I'll come back to every now and again just to get a much needed chuckle. Nice work!

And thanks for the nudge on that, Darth...it was a much needed laugh.
She nudged me, too.
This would probably be funnier if I played one of those "City of" games...
This would be funnier if I was able to hear someone sing it.
This would be a lot funnier if you could hear me sing it, so I take steps to ensure that never happens.
@LordXenophon *laughs*
I'm really surprised at how little attention this is getting. This is some of your best work.
I'll help it with some more nudging, but I bet I end up nudging the exact same people DarthShadows did.
And BTW major applause to LordXenophon for writing this.

/e standingovation
I really want to hear it xD
@DarthMiasma Including me, again.

/e sigh
I tried singing it, but my roommate told me to shut up.
Awesome song, Xen!
If I post, like 4 people will follow me here. I'm not whoring out favors people! Stop nudging me! I'm not posting!
@xoaks DAMMIT!
I still don't get why I keep getting nudged.
@LordXenophon Why not?
Again! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
@LordXenophon You're welcome.
*Bats WILDMAMOTH around a bit*
Man. that's amazing! That's a lot catchier than the last couple of songs, even the super hero stripper one.
I don't remember seeing one about a super hero stripper.
He's probably talking about the "I'm Too Sexy" one.

That's the one.
How is that about a stripper?
In the original video, Right Said Fred removed his shirt and tossed it from his car.
Of course. He was too sexy for that shirt.
I hope he didn't also toss the cat out of the car.
He may have. He had the cat in the car and may have tossed it from the car off-screen.
Poor pussy, poor pussy cat.
You can't say pussy cat?
That's right, Waste. You missed some stuff while you were gone.
i can see this now. I missed a lot of good stuff.

any bad stuff?
@wastelander75 Yes, there was some bad stuff. You'd have to dig to find it though, and none of it was too extreme...
aww. I was looking to add some fuel to the fire.

-tucks gas can away-
Wait! Leave that gas out! We need it for the tailgate party this weekend!
Actually, you did miss some bad stuff, but I wouldn't be able to point any of it out because I didn't follow it. I only follow the good stuff.
aww. well, I'm pretty sure if I dig around I'll find.....something.

Dead body maybe?

-shuffle search shuffle-
@wastelander75 It already got deleted, but I had an epic battle against a spammer called BoomerDH85 or something. He tried to get me banned, but he got banhammered instead.
wait, I think I remember that one. Wasn't he the one coming around with the pyramid scheme to visit his site for a free x 360?
Oh yeah, you were still here when that happened!
Well, other stuff happened as well, but none of it was too interesting.
Yeah Waste was here when that guy showed up; we got him kicked when we complained on twitter. Waste left just before GamerDNA had the layoffs.
layoffs? what happened?
@wastelander75 A ton of stuff. For one, gamerDNA got bought out by another company.
Oh wow--gamerDNA... bought out... wow o.o'
I remember seeing other GamerDNA people talking about it and some said the QforQ was laid off. Then on Twitter I found out that GamerDNA was bought and people where laidoff. Which would explain why the admins don't talk to us anymore, or at least comment with us.

Looks like the staff was basically cut in half in October. I knew there had been cuts, but I didn't know they were that extensive.
oh--that is no good... I liked the staff. I mean, why the hell did they lay off the _decent_ staff members?
i liked picking on QforQ
@wastelander75 well, yeah, and @QforQ was so good for it too..

Well--only one sane thing left to do.

We all need to dress like Harley Quinn from Batman Arkham Asylum and march to GamerDNA headquarters in sheer protest! XD
@KatrinaTheLamia *laughs* WTF?!!!

Awesome idea!
gDNA may not have their own headquarters for much longer.
@LordXenophon oh... wow...

Well then, if they lose their head quarters, any of the staff that are in support of GamerDNA, should dress up like Harley Quinn on Mondays... regardless of their gender identity.

I mean, Harlot Mondays, Movie Tuesdays, Hump Day and Causal Friday--the week would only have only one bad day... which I admit, I really wish I could just bypass Thursdays... never could get a hang of them >.>
Better their headquarters than their hindquarters.
@SeoulMage btw, thanks for having this appear in my subscription updates... I wanted to find it XD

Do not worry--somebody will be along to post why I wanted to find it again XD
@SeoulMage I suspect some of them may have already lost their hindquarters.
I still love this song, even though there's no powerleveling in CoH anymore.
There may not be any more power leveling, but there are still people who have trouble leveling.
Now I want the karaoke CD for this song.
Are you planning to freak the mundanes at the local bar on karaoke night?
Freaking the mundanes,
Freaking the mundanes,
You'll come a-freaking the
Mundanes with me,
@Svoboda Something like that.
I have the karaoke CD. Meet me at the Vine tonight.
:D I'll be watching to see who sings this so I'll know who you are, but I'm not sure tonight is karaoke night.
Where's the Vine?
It's on Apache, across from the Academic Village.
How many of you go to ASU?
@Cybrwyzyrd Everyone beneath your previous post, I believe.
Oola doesn't. She graduated.
Too bad. It would be nice to see a Twi'lek walking around campus.
There's a guy walking around campus with a picture of Bib Fortuna on his shirt. Is that good enough?
Absolutely not. Bib Fortuna is the ugliest Twi'lek in history, and Oola has bigger boobs.
I'm sure you can get a shirt with Oola on it if you want one.
I could wear that for St. Patrick's Day.
You'd look better in that shirt than in Svoboda's St. Patrick's Day outfit.
That's just as well, because I have the wrong equipment to be able to fit it under Svoboda's St. Patrick's Day outfit.
@LordXenophon That last comment makes me want to know what outfit you're talking about.
It looks like her Valentine's Day outfit, but with shamrocks.
that wasn't an outfit. that was strategically placed hearts.

There are actually more parts to the outfit, though none of them are any less revealing.
I'm just waiting for the "I made this out of dental floss" picture myself....
I thought you were supposed to use guitar strings.
they're metal and may chafe.
So you use strings from some other instrument which can play a G?
I always assumed that was some sort of actual string with a similar name.
I've always been tempted to try to tune a girl's G string, but I'm always afraid I'd get arrested.
You'd damned well better get it to play a G, or you'll have a pretty weak case in court.
I'd like to see him present your G string as evidence and try to play a G on it as testimony.
I'd buy that fer a dollar!
You can buy one for a quarter from the bargain bin at Gracie's Cottage.
@Svoboda Are any of yours in there?
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