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43 Lessons I Have Learned From City of Heroes

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LordXenophon said...
It is possible to stop a full scale invasion by defeating ten minions.

Superheroes are unable to board trains unless the doors are closed.

With enough practice, you can learn to jump around corners.

You don't need superpowers to defeat a superhero. Just join the Family.

If people think your clothes look stupid, you can just tell them you're a superhero and then it's OK.

A vampire can still get into your house whether you invite him in or not, as long his contact sends him there.

It is possible to stand on the smoke that comes out of tall smokestacks, if you can climb up there.

Giant statues have bench markers on top of them.

Hokey make-up tricks and ancient artifacts are no substitute for a good assault rifle at your side. At least, not if you're a Hellion.

A really good teacher can train any number of different people in different skills at the same time - even in a busy public place.

You can buy magical artifacts and ancient tomes at Mexican restaurants.

Some trees can take years to burn through.

Before you name your children, look in the phone book to make sure you don't give them any trademarked names.

Alien space ships have trouble flying over high walls.

It never rains or snows in Rhode Island.

Trees only drop leaves if you plant them outdoors; potted trees indoors are tidy.

Snowmen are very dangerous. Stay away from them.

Never go into a pumpkin patch alone, especially if there's a scarecrow.

When you buy life insurance, always make sure there isn't some hidden clause that will allow your body to be turned over to Dr. Vahzilok.

Car theft is on the decline. These days, the criminals just shoot at cars until they explode.

All hospitals are exactly the same.

Only bad guys kill snakes.

You don't need food, rest or shelter if you have super powers.

Women have a tremendous tolerance for cold weather and wear fur coats only to look good.

Nazi soldiers can't hit civilians. They won't even try.

Carrying a few flare grenades will improve your aim, even if you never throw them.

It's possible to wear 20 pairs of earrings and 7 torcs without looking any different.

Central Park in New York is relatively safe, compared to Perez Park.

Super heroes can't dance.

If you need to hide real fast, set off a smoke grenade and hide in the smoke. Nobody will notice.

Unique monsters are a dime a dozen, except for Kraken.

The reason dinosaurs are extinct is because they only had one hit point.

Your will should state that you want to be cremated, so nobody can use you to make Abominations.

Super heroes aren’t born. They’re grown.

Even your coffee maker might be infected with a data miner.

Nobody just goes jogging anymore - they only run when they see a bad guy.

Instead of a magnifying glass, Sherlock Holmes should have searched for clues with a hearing aid.

It's not the fall that kills you. It's the Clockwork at the bottom.

You can hoard anything - even coupons for the tailor.

You can be a dirty rat and still be a hero. You can also be a dirty dog, rabbit, cat or lizard.

It's possible to hide any kind of weapon in a bikini.

Invading Iraq was a waste of time - There's no XP, there's no drops, and when we win, the map will just reset.

Your computer will self-destruct in 90 minutes, but so long as you do not accept the task of stopping your computer from self-destructing, your 90 minutes will not start.
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This is funny & I chuckled at some of them. So you like playing/pretending to be a super hero? lol. Nice.
"Invading Iraq was a waste of time - There's no XP, there's no drops, and when we win, the map will just reset." That's really good one! :)
Funny list! XD
You dirty rabbit! You killed my brother!

It just doesn't have the same ring to it.
i like this list.
"Car theft is on the decline. These days, the criminals just shoot at cars until they explode."
Art [ VideoGame ] imitating Life in Bizarro World ....8^)
Great list !
Yeah, there's a lot of that going on in King's Row. They only do it there, though.
lol at the magic bikini.
Svoboda's the one hiding assault rifles under her bikini.
I resent that! I hide my assault rifle under a cheerleader uniform!
must be a REAAAALLLY small assault rifle then.....
Nope, but she does have a really small cheerleader outfit.
I'm sorry my head just exploded...could you repeat that?
In City of Heroes, your weapons are stored in hammer-space. that's a technical term for a mytstical hiding place in which small anime girls hide gigantic ninja warhammers. Most video games make use of this space, but some of the costumes in City of Heroes make it ridiculously obvious.

...and she and I are both referencing a character of hers who is a cheerleader with a gun.
no, I was simply referring to the really small cheerleader outfit.
Oh, right. Infinite redundancy. Sorry about that.
An assault rifle can never be too big.

A cheerleader outfit can never be too small.

If a cheerleader has both, they just have to be worked out somehow. That's just how it is.
I doubt Waste cares about the gun. He just wants to see Svoboda in a cheerleader outfit.
Easily done:

now dance. your overlords demand it.
and seriously.....very small assault rifle.
Svoboda! Get off the phone!
All I know is that I want CoX to finally become free, like DDO.

So if it ever becomes free, someone please send me 1, if not several messages telling me of the good news.

Like DDO, it just don't have enough going for it to actually pay a monthly fee for it.
It was free all weekend.
@LordXenophon Thanks for letting us know ahead of time.
I posted it Thursday and nudged my maximum 50 people.
@LordXenophon Really wish you would have told me, but meh, not like I've really talked about the game much here.

If there's another free weekend or whatever, please send me a pm or whatever.
I think the next one might already have been announced. You could check plaync.com for the schedule.
@Svoboda Didn't see it there. If you find out about it, please nudge me.
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