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LordXenophon's gameplay for Hearts (PC)

LordXenophon played Hearts

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LordXenophon said...
I should probably stop playing this game, since I was accused of turning tricks. At the very least, I should stop playing it where smart-ass attourneys might see.

Hearts (PC)

Genre/Style: Traditional/Card Game
Release Date:
28 minutes
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How are you getting Xfire to verify gameplay? I played a game with Xfire on, and it didn't show any gameplay.
It's really (and I mean, really) buggy. It's usually a good three or four days late. A couple days ago, it told me it added like ten gameplay events, all of them happening over a week ago. I really don't rely on gamerDNA to pick up my xfire events, I just add them manually. If anyone wants to actually see my gameplay hours, they can look at me xfire profile -- it's more accurate, anyway.
Yeah, I added LOTRO manually anyway, but from what I noticed from the 360, even if you make a game event manually,
It'd still adds in the gameplay, or achievements later.
Your gameplay gets added to gDNA after gDNA parses your XFire profile for new data. This normally happens around midnight EST, but sometimes gets delayed. As long as there is new data for gDNA to parse AND you are following the correct XFire account name, your gameplay will be updated eventually.

That means there are two things you can check. First, make sure gDNA has the correct spelling for your account name and that you entered your username, rather than your nickname. Second, make sure XFire knows that you have the game installed and that you are logged in to XFire when you play the game. You may have to add it manually. Also, most games are not detected or tracked by XFire - only a select few are worthy.

To detedt browser games, such as Evony, OGame and Runescape, you also need to download the XO toolbar.
Yeah, just checked, I have the right name on my AKAs, guess it got delayed.
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