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LordXenophon's gameplay for Empire Earth (PC)

LordXenophon played Empire Earth

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LordXenophon said...
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Why is it fun to fire a sub-launched tac-nuke at a pack of wolves?
Empire Earth

Empire Earth (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/3D Real-Time Strategy
Release Date: 14/NOV/01
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257 minutes
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LOL. I played some EE back in the day. Good times. RTS is not really my genre though.
I've played all 3.

2nd one felt the best for me, 3rd was stupidly dumbed down and I still can't get into the first.
I like the scenario editor in the first.
Isn't it more fun to strat-nuke the wolves?
Since 3D RTS's were just getting rolling, the first one felt really awkward and clunky, coming from AoE2 and its expansions. I just couldn't get into it, when AoE was so much more polished (and fun)
I really liked Age of Mythology and Rise of Nations. They were much nicer than EE. I never played EE2 (there was a 3?) so I cannot attest to those. And yeah, nuking a herd of deer with B-52 bombers is the best.
Never played it. The only RTS I really got into was the first of the LOTR series.
@HitGirl, Strategic nukes in EE are really just bigger tactical nukes with a really lame animation.
@the rest of you, RTS's don't really need the best graphics for them to be fun. They just need a good variety of units and technologies, fun things to do with them and an AI that works. That's why I play the old ones more than the new ones. Some of the latest RTS's suffer in other areas because the developers put too much effort into the graphics.
Hey, I never said the graphics were a barrier, I just said I can' get into the first one for some reason :P
I didn't mean you. I meand the other people posting after me. In your case, you probably just aren't getting into the story.
@LordXenophon - point taken, and I agree. By polish, I was referring more to the UI and the overall experience, but I'm judging based only on my experience with the demo back in the day, so feel free to ignore :)
Speaking of early 3D RTSs though... anyone played Ground Control?
What do you mean by a "lame animation?" I mean, it's an old game, so it's all relative.
It's just the inside half of a torus. They didn't bother putting a cap on the mushroom at all.
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