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LordXenophon's gameplay for Apprentice (PC)

LordXenophon played Apprentice

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LordXenophon said...
No description entered yet...
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If that was your first time, who was Dryad playing against last month? She thought it was you.
It said first time? I thought I'd entered this game before.
...and a month or two ago, I played a series of games against someone using the name of "ShanodinDryad." That could have been her.
That would have been me.
So, what is this game? I've seen other games with Apprentice in the name, but not just Apprentice.
I have never heard of it either. I think it's a secret game developed by LordXenophon, Svoboda, and Dryad in order to run their world domination simulations.

It would be wise to try and join their army, before it is too late.
It's not an actual game. Int's an IRC based tabletop on which to play Magic: the Gathering online. It was written in the 90's, before any of the official clients. You can still download it for free.
We run our world domination simulations in Second Life and SimCity. Doesn't everybody?
I run mine in Mad Scientist XP Pro, with Clippy disabled.
"It looks like you're planning a mass murder. Can I help?"

"Stupid paper clip guy!"
A quote from the one Leslie Neilsen movie I thought nobody would remember.
Isn't that from Superhero Movie?
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