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Quotation_open_48px Trade with me on Steam.
Need: magic emotes, Universe Sandbox foil cards, Skyrim foil cards, all cards for Victim of Xen, Maple Story, Lyne, and La Tale.
Trading: select emotes, most backgrounds, non-foils for Middle Earth and Universe Sandbox, Magicka cards, DOTA 2 items and lots of STEAM coupons.
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Game Characters
City of Heroes (PC)
Agent Saibok's Avatar Image
Agent Saibok Level 14 Technology Tanker

“Trying out a shield/mace tank on Triumph. Seems to be kicking some serious ass, at least at the low levels. 96 badges so far. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Bat Smasherson's Avatar Image
Bat Smasherson Level 7 Natural Blaster

“AR/Devices, Swiss Army Corp, Victory, 69 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Beljuril Baenre's Avatar Image
Beljuril Baenre Level 11 Magic Controller

“Gravity/Radiation, Guardian, 76 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Boi Ling Ti's Avatar Image
Boi Ling Ti Level 9 Magic Controller

“Earth/Storm Controller, currently the leader of the Paragon Dojo on Victory. I don't even know who he inherited this SG from and I'm the only member who ever logs on anymore. He has 71 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Coffeecat's Avatar Image
Coffeecat Level 7 Science Controller

“Mind/Kinetic controller on Virtue and Test. She's higher level on Test, where she is my representative on CuppaJo's playtest SG, Cuppa Clones Espresso League. On Virtue, she is a member of the Legion of Catgirls and comes out only for recruiting. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Corabelle's Avatar Image
Corabelle Level 33 Magic Defender

“Empathy/Psionic Blast Defender and my highest toon on Guardian. She's a member of the main chapter of the Legion of Catgirls on Guardian. 213 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Corrina del Sol's Avatar Image
Corrina del Sol Level 45 Magic Blaster

“Originally created for a super team which intended to try to get the Master of the Statesman Task Force badge. The super team fell apart for various reasons, but I intend to make this character my next 50 anyway. She has 275 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Crypt Knight's Avatar Image
Crypt Knight Level 9 Magic Scrapper

“Dark/Dark Scrapper, Infinity, 54 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Darkwind Dyke's Avatar Image
Darkwind Dyke Level 7 Science Blaster

“Storm/Dark Defender, Champion, Circle of Skulls, 65 badges. This character is built around the to-hit debuffs in both powersets, but she also has higher than average damage dealing ability for a Defender. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Darth Squidious's Avatar Image
Darth Squidious Level 5 Science Warshade

“Protector server, 55 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Doc Toro's Avatar Image
Doc Toro Level 6 Magic Defender

“Dark/Dark Defender, Infinity, 67 badges. This minotaur is from another world, where magic is common and technology is not. He was from a tribe of cattle ranchers, who called him Loyne Angus. He hated raising cattle enough to wander away from home... ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Earl Gray's Avatar Image
Earl Gray Level 5 Science Controller

“Gravity/Empathy, Justice server, 51 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Egg Noggin's Avatar Image
Egg Noggin Level 7 Mutant Controller

“Illusion/Kinetics Controller, Liberty, 69 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Emo Cat's Avatar Image
Emo Cat Level 14 Magic Defender

“Dark/Sonic defender specializing in to-hit debuffs, with a fair amount of slows thrown in. Emo is the base architect of the Liberty chapter of the Legion of Catgirls, thus the gloomy feel of the base. 116 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Family Man's Avatar Image
Family Man Level 12 Natural Blaster

“AR/Devices, Justice server, 84 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Fast Fu's Avatar Image
Fast Fu Level 9 Magic Scrapper

“Dark/Willpower, Guardian, 51 badges. This is my token superspeeder. He has Shadow Maul, Sands of Mu AND Flurry. It's as close as you can get to playing the Flash. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Feather Jalanil's Avatar Image
Feather Jalanil Level 18 Magic Blaster

“Archery/Energy, Champion, 147 badges. My first archer, created when the archery powers were first introduced. Also the founder and current leader of the Elven Guardians on Champion. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Felis Nictus's Avatar Image
Felis Nictus Level 13 Science Warshade

“This Warshade spends most of her time in feline form and uses her Nova form mainly for travel. Look for her in the skies of Triumph or standing around in the Architect Entertainment building in King's Row. She has 124 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Friar Chuck's Avatar Image
Friar Chuck Level 9 Natural Tanker

“Invulnerability/Mace, Virtue, 83 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Gadget Cat's Avatar Image
Gadget Cat Level 12 Science Blaster

“Archery/Devices Blaster, Freedom server, SpecOps Squadron Freedom Division, 44 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Game Amp's Avatar Image
Game Amp Level 7 Technology Blaster

“Electric/Electric, Triumph. I created him for a character contest at GameAmp.com. He's a total plug for the website, based on the site logo. I even made emotes to mimic commercials which were well known at the time. He has 89 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Garden Weasel's Avatar Image
Garden Weasel Level 15 Science Scrapper

“Claws/Regen scrapper on Triumph, #2 leader of the Rodent Force. If you can find him and read his description, you may recognize the mutagen which made a hero out of this ordinary garden weasel. He has 109 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Gym Teacher Man's Avatar Image
Gym Teacher Man Level 10 Mutant Blaster

“Sonic/Devices, Protector, 72 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Helmed Horror's Avatar Image
Helmed Horror Level 6 Magic Tanker

“Invulnerability/Axe, Protector. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Hikaru Cthulu's Avatar Image
Hikaru Cthulu Level 16 Natural Peacebringer

“Freedom server, 123 badges. You don't want to know anything about this guy. He is one of those Things Man Was Not Meant to Know. For your own sanity, just forget you ever heard of him. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Hip Cat's Avatar Image
Hip Cat Level 23 Technology Blaster

“Electric/Electric Blaster in a colorful jumpsuit. She used to be Jerry Garcia's pet housecat, but an accident caused her to mutate into a catgirl. Since her mutation didn't give her any powers, she made weapons out of old amplifier parts and guitar pick-ups (thus the tech origin). She's the kitty whith whom I origally accepted my job as leader of the Triumph chapter of the Legion of Catgirls. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
iScream POC-7's Avatar Image
iScream POC-7 Level 3 Technology Defender

“Sonic/Sonic, Freedom, 67 badges. This was my first attempt at a Sonic character. I decided not to like Sonic. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Jade Golem's Avatar Image
Jade Golem Level 3 Magic Tanker

“Stone/Super Strengh, Justice. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Kender Gardener's Avatar Image
Kender Gardener Level 10 Magic Defender

“Archery/Trick Arrow Defender, Virtue server, 75 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Kilauea Cat's Avatar Image
Kilauea Cat Level 9 Magic Scrapper

“Fire/Shield Scrapper, Liberty. 44 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Kitty Hannon's Avatar Image
Kitty Hannon Level 8 Magic Defender

“Storm/Electric Defender, Pinnacle, 102 badges. She is a member of the Feline Phalanx, a chapter of the Legion of Catgirls in which all the characters are feline versions of NCSoft's signature characters. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Kung Pao Panda's Avatar Image
Kung Pao Panda Level 8 Magic Controller

“Plant/Archery, Triumph server, 54 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Kyudo Cat's Avatar Image
Kyudo Cat Level 8 Natural Blaster

“Archery/Devices Blaster, Infinity, 86 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Lagmaster 2000's Avatar Image
Lagmaster 2000 Level 16 Technology Controller

“Ice/Storm Controller, Legion of Catgirls, Justice, 117 badges. Built mainly around slows, with a dash of hold, immobilize and to-hit debuff. The good guys don't take much damage with a Lagmaster 2000 around. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Lifeguard Lucy's Avatar Image
Lifeguard Lucy Level 11 Magic Controller

“Illusion/Emp, Guardian. 92 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Lord Argwyyth's Avatar Image
Lord Argwyyth Level 8 Magic Blaster

“Fire/Fire Blaster, Virtue server, 54 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Lord Malchior's Avatar Image
Lord Malchior Level 8 Magic Controller

“Gravity/Kinetics, Freedom, 55 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Lord Prakash's Avatar Image
Lord Prakash Level 11 Magic Defender

“Storm/Electric, Guardian, 60 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Lord Thixor's Avatar Image
Lord Thixor Level 11 Magic Controller

“Grav/Kin Controller, Protector, 87 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Lord Tycho's Avatar Image
Lord Tycho Level 10 Magic Tanker

“Dark/Dark, Pinnacle ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Lord Vaxilander's Avatar Image
Lord Vaxilander Level 14 Magic Blaster

“Energy/Energy, Circle of Skulls, 63 badges. This was my first toon on Infinity. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Lord Xenophon's Avatar Image
Lord Xenophon Magic Defender

“My namesake exists as a dark/dark defender on every server. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Maiden Japan's Avatar Image
Maiden Japan Level 7 Magic Scrapper

“This is my token Scrapper on Protector. She kicks some serious butt when I need a scrapper. She is Katana/Regen and has 59 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Mr. Arizona's Avatar Image
Mr. Arizona Level 25 Science Controller

“Fire/Radiation controller who recieved his powers from the first nuclear test at the Yuma Proving Grounds. Currently a member of the States Men, a supergroup based on the 50 states on the Victory server. He has 190 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Mt. Dhum's Avatar Image
Mt. Dhum Level 5 Magic Scrapper

“Fire/Fire Scrapper, Victory server, 42 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Mt. Vesuvius's Avatar Image
Mt. Vesuvius Level 11 Magic Tanker

“A fire/super strenth tanker on Freedom and my first attempt at playing a tanker. Thanks to this monster, I now know that I don't like playing tanks. I still bring him out once in a while, mainly for screenshots. Has 74 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Mystic Knight of Io's Avatar Image
Mystic Knight of Io Level 35 Magic Controller

“Fire/Rad controller, hot as lava and fortified with 22 isotopes of radioactive sodium! Currently the last surviving leader of the Astral Vanguard on Triumph. She has 224 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Nekomancer's Avatar Image
Nekomancer Level 11 Magic Defender

“A Dark/Dark Defender and my only Catgirl on Champion. Has 88 badges. I mainly pull her out for recruiting, but she's also the architect for the Champion base. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Nekosai's Avatar Image
Nekosai Level 10 Natural Scrapper

“DB/Will Scrapper, Infinity server, 67 badges. Made when these powersets were introduced. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Neutron Burst's Avatar Image
Neutron Burst Level 30 Science Defender

“Rad/Rad Defender, Justice server, 212 badges, current leader of the Trident of Power. She is build for debuffs and staying power, but can do some pretty decent damage when she has to. She's one of my oldest toons. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Nuclear Winter Cat's Avatar Image
Nuclear Winter Cat Level 15 Magic Controller

“This Ice/Radiation Controller is one of the most feared debuff dispensers ever to terrorize the giant monsters of Paragon City. She especially enjoyed knocking the Envoy of Shadows on his butt! She can't really do much else, though. 86 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Patricia Rabbit's Avatar Image
Patricia Rabbit Level 9 Magic Scrapper

“Dual Blades / Willpower Scrapper, Champion server, Legion of Bunnygirls, 65 badges. She is the first of my toons to have her origin story deleted, simply because I happened to mention that she is from Narnia. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Polar Cat's Avatar Image
Polar Cat Level 10 Science Tanker

“Ice/Ice, Victory server, 78 badges. She is a felinoid alien from a planet about 50 light years away from Earth. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Pole Cat's Avatar Image
Pole Cat Level 8 Magic Controller

“Earth/Storm Controller, Liberty. 68 badges. She's a Pole cat because she's a cat from Poland. No stinkies to fear from her, although she can certainly blow some wind when she needs to. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Poloudnisa's Avatar Image
Poloudnisa Level 6 Magic Controller

“Plants/Thermal Controller, Liberty. 48 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Professor Dullman's Avatar Image
Professor Dullman Level 3 Science Controller

“Mind/Sonic Controller, Victory, 66 badges.
After 40 years of teaching the same things over and over, Professor Dullman's lectures have become so boring that they are now considered a superpower. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Qulue Baenre's Avatar Image
Qulue Baenre Level 15 Magic Defender

“Dark/Dark defender, Bikini Bottoms, Guardian, 143 badges. Qilue was the architect of the SG base for the main chapter of the Bikini Bottoms. She transferred to Bikini Bottoms from Sunes Followers in 2007. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Rocker Kitty's Avatar Image
Rocker Kitty Level 13 Science Tanker

“Stone/Stone Tanker, Guardian server, 125 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Russian Blues's Avatar Image
Russian Blues Level 11 Magic Blaster

“Energy/Energy Blaster, 90 badges and a middle manager in the original chapter of the Legion of Catgirls on the Justice server. Yes, the Legion of Catgirls really did start out on Justice! ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Sand Sorceress's Avatar Image
Sand Sorceress Level 2 Magic Controller

“Earth/Storm Controller on Virtue. 124 badges. Sandy exists only to prove how many badges I can get without leveling. Most of her badges were gained before exploration badges were worth XP. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Sarah Belham's Avatar Image
Sarah Belham Level 50 Magic Controller on All Servers

“Grav/Emp, 356 badges. Formerly a member of Nukem High and left over moral differences with the corrupt leadership at Nukem. Now the only 50 in the Triumph chapter of the Legion of Catgirls. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Senor Habanero's Avatar Image
Senor Habanero Level 50 Mutant Blaster

“Fire/Fire Blaster on Triumph. Member and current leader of the Veggie Meddley, an official supergroup of gameamp.com. Not much activity in this SG anymore, but we are all in touch and sometimes round up a few Veggies for a team. He has 354 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Sgt. Igneous's Avatar Image
Sgt. Igneous Level 20 Magic Controller

“Fire/Kinetics, Champion, 134 badges. Just because he looks like a big pile of molten rock doesn't mean he has to be a tank. He wears a special pair of heat-resistant ceramic sunglasses to protect his eyes from the glare of his own hands. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Sir Factant's Avatar Image
Sir Factant Level 7 Natural Tanker

“Invulnerability/Super Strength Tanker, Guardian server, 84 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Sith Cat's Avatar Image
Sith Cat Level 30 Natural Defender

“Dark/Electric Defender, Triumph Server, Legion of Catgirls. Leveled her to 30 on a trial account back when you could still do that. She's a Deftroller, built around Fear, Hold and Disorient effects. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Sofa Shredder's Avatar Image
Sofa Shredder Level 4 Mutant Scrapper

“Claws/Regen Scrapper on Liberty. She doesn't get out of the base much, mainly because scrappers are not my favorite AT to play. I keep her just to have a token scrapper available on Liberty, in case somebody needs one. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Sturdyman's Avatar Image
Sturdyman Level 6 Science Tanker

“Willpower/Super Strength tank, Liberty server. 47 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Sweet Ifrit's Avatar Image
Sweet Ifrit Level 9 Magic Defender

“Fire/Storm Controller on Protector. She's my first attempt at playing a controller, as well as my first attempt to make an entirely team-oriented toon. That didn't work out as well on Protector as it did on other servers. She has 105 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Tessie Trueheart's Avatar Image
Tessie Trueheart Level 23 Natural Scrapper

“Katana/Regen Scrapper, currently #2 leader of the Beautiful Ladies of Paragon on Virtue. I'm in charge of the SG base and other technical details, as well as the website - tblop.blogspot.com ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Tessie Trueheart's Avatar Image
Tessie Trueheart Level 25 Natural Scrapper

“Katana/Regen, Virtue, Beautiful Ladies of Paragon, 191 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
The Big Apple's Avatar Image
The Big Apple Level 12 Science Controller

“Gravity/Empathy, Triumph server, The Fantastic Fruits, 80 badges. He is one of many victims of a secret Crey experiment involving DNA from 17 varieties of apple trees and longshoremen kidnapped from a quay in New York. Gravity powers were a surprise. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
The Black Currant's Avatar Image
The Black Currant Level 10 Mutant Blaster

“This Electric/Electric Blaster was my first Blaster ever. He's a member of the Fantastic Fruits on Triumph. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
The Feline Magnetron's Avatar Image
The Feline Magnetron Level 4 Mutant Defender

“Radiation/Radiation Defender. Her whole SG, the Radioactive Kitty Litter, is composed of Radiation/Radiation Defenders. We are all level 4 and plan to cut a glowing swathe across Paragon when all 8 of us can get together. The RKL is a small chapter of the Legion of Catgirls, on Protector. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
The Jumping Cholla's Avatar Image
The Jumping Cholla Level 40 Mutant Scrapper

“This Spines/Regen Scrapper existed for only one day on the Test server, during a playtest event. He spent the whole day seeing how many badges he could get in a single day. The answer turned out to be 114. http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y248/LordXenophon/Chr Inf/JumpingCholla.jpg ”

City of Heroes (PC)
The Naughty Librarian's Avatar Image
The Naughty Librarian Level 29 Magic Controller

“This Mind/Empathy Controller was my first attempt at a Trollfender, a cross-class build which uses a Controller to make a purely defensive character. She has every Empathy power available at her level, except for Absorb Pain. Has 202 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
The Raving Redhead's Avatar Image
The Raving Redhead Level 31 Magic Controller

“Illusion/Empathy Controller, and my second attempt at a Trollfender. The Illusion/Empathy combo isn't working as well for me as Mind/Empathy, but I expect her to be much more powerful in the higher levels. Has 167 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Thermogenica's Avatar Image
Thermogenica Level 14 Magic Blaster

“Fire/Fire, Freedom, 83 badges. I happened to need a blaster on Freedom at the time. Rarely gets played anymore. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Thunder Kitten's Avatar Image
Thunder Kitten Level 15 Magic Defender

“Storm/Electric Defender and my representative in the Protector chapter of the Legion of Catgirls. I am the base architect in this chapter. 132 badges. ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Tim Possible's Avatar Image
Tim Possible Level 16 Technology Blaster

“AR/Defices blaster on the Champion server, 134 badges. Current leader of the Forgotten Army, a loosely organized SG of alts who want to be left alone but want SG base perks. Feel free to join if you just want an SG, but don't want the politics ”

City of Heroes (PC)
Wintergreen Cat's Avatar Image
Wintergreen Cat Level 7 Science Tanker

“This Ice/Ice Tank is my Legion of Catgirls recruiter on Freedom. I don't really use her for anything else. I don't really play my tanks much. Has 56 badges. ”

Dungeons and Dragons Online (PC)
Burtram the Earnest's Avatar Image
Burtram the Earnest Level 3 Human Paladin on Cannith
Dungeons and Dragons Online (PC)
Hlack the Slasher's Avatar Image
Hlack the Slasher Level 3 Human Barbarian on Khyber

“Two-handed weapon specialist. ”

Dungeons and Dragons Online (PC)
Xulcandra Thunderstaff's Avatar Image
Xulcandra Thunderstaff Level 4 Human Wizard on Thelanis
Dungeon Runners (PC)
Xulcandra's Avatar Image

“Started out as a Mage, but the build is acutally based on the AoE attacks from all three classes and lots of defense. She's an AoE light tank. ”

Second Life (PC)
Gatling Straaf's Avatar Image
Gatling Straaf

“Forget spam guns and orbit cages. My avatar has a Nerf gun! ”

City of Villains (PC)
Rakshasa Lord's Avatar Image
Rakshasa Lord Level 6 Magic Mastermind

“Ninjas/Trick Arrow, Liberty server, my token villain and a bank for the Feline Dominion. 42 badges. ”

Flyff (PC)
Joe the Farmer's Avatar Image
Joe the Farmer

“Just what it says on the package. He farms loot for my main. ”

Flyff (PC)
Xulcandra's Avatar Image

“Level 31 Mage, Mia server. ”

Angels Online (PC)
Xulcandra's Avatar Image

“"Priestess, with Life, Earth, Collecting, Hit, Meditate and Vestment. Makes a great buffer." ”

NationStates (MUD)
Dodecahedria's Avatar Image

The Unpredictable Chaostocracy of Dodecahedria.

“Everything decided with the roll of a d12.”

Character URL: http://www.nationstates.net/dodecahedria

NationStates (MUD)
Ferringinar's Avatar Image

The Incorporated World of Ferringinar.

“Once you have their money, you never give it back.” ”

Character URL: http://www.nationstates.net/nation=ferringinar

NationStates (MUD)
Lord Xenophon's Avatar Image
Lord Xenophon

The Feudal Estate of Lord Xenophon.

“Things are impossible only until they're not.” ”

Character URL: http://www.nationstates.net/nation=lord_xenophon

NationStates (MUD)
Mathghamna's Avatar Image

The Holy Republic of Mathghamna.

“All magic belongs to Mystra.” ”

Character URL: http://www.nationstates.net/nation=mathghamna

NationStates (MUD)
Nazizona's Avatar Image

The Disputed Borderlands of Nazizona.

“Oppressing Minorities in the Name of Democracy.” ”

Character URL: http://www.nationstates.net/nation=nazizona

NationStates (MUD)
Tel Vanni's Avatar Image
Tel Vanni

The Great House of Tel Vanni.

“The Powerful Define the Standards of Virtue” ”

Character URL: http://www.nationstates.net/nation=tel_vanni

NationStates (MUD)
Tres Fleures's Avatar Image
Tres Fleures

The Most Serene Garden of Tres Fleures.

“Stop and smell the roses.” ”

Character URL: http://www.nationstates.net/nation=tres_fleures

NationStates (MUD)
Twin Moons's Avatar Image
Twin Moons

The Barony of Twin Moons.

“Mooning the crown of Atenvelt.” ”

Character URL: http://www.nationstates.net/nation=twin_moons

AdventureQuest (WEB)
Riva Thunderstaff's Avatar Image
Riva Thunderstaff

“Level 43 Adventurer ”

Billy vs. SNAKEMAN (WEB)
Holly Daye's Avatar Image
Holly Daye

Character URL: http://www.animecubed.com/billy/?122792

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